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adobe flash for nokia 5230

  • Adobe Flash Player for Nokia 5230 Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys, I have wasted hell lot of time in finding Adobe Flash Player for Nokia 5230 but didn't find any. I am not able to run video on metacafe and facebook etc. Everytime it shows "Adobe Flash Player required". My Device software is up to date

  • How to instal adobe flash player for nokia n97 min... Updated:11-30

    I got a nokia N97 and i what to instaal adobe flash player 9 so i can whatch clips on some sites pls anyone HElP thanks in advance.!!!!!Your n97 already supports Flash lite, You can watch videos from you tube and so, with default browser. Also you ca

  • Download adobe flash player available for nokia N8 Updated:10-11

    Hello, i want to know if its possible to download something good for playing streaming videos on my nokia N8. Thanks!Only news I heard about Adobe Flash 10 on Symbian is from 2009 Hea

  • Adobe flash player for Nokia N8-00 Updated:10-11

    Hi I'm looking for a adobe flash player for my new Nokia N8. Is there a website where I can find it? Thank you for your help. Best regards  :-) PoseidonZeusTHIS IS THE GRAND ADVICE FOR NOKIA COMPANY:To get adobe flash player in Nokia N8 has become th

  • Adobe flash  player  for (nokia x dual sim )mobile Updated:10-11

    adobe flash  player  for (nokia x dual sim )mobileIt's Android®... There is no more Flash Player for Android and there won't be another. Android is no longer compatible with Flash Player. Playing Flash content is very processor consumptive and it dra

  • Nokia 770 and Adobe Flash Player Updated:11-30

    I have been to a number of sites, like, where I am directed to get an updated flash player, and then i am routed to the Adobe Flash Player for Linux download page. Unfortunately, the download button is not shown on the 770, while it is sh

  • Adobe Flash Players - not supported by Nokia E61??... Updated:11-30

    Hi - I am new here - I love my new smartphone!!! I have just bought a E61 and from reading threads and posts here (thanks so much everyone) am I to assume that this phone does not support Adobe Flash - I havent been able to download Adobe flash playe

  • I have a nokia c6-00 that has adobe flash installed. for more than three months can not I watch vide Updated:11-30

    I have a nokia c6-00 that has adobe flash installed. for more than three months can not I watch videos on it. how to solve this situation? best regardshey! Will someone answer please?? Does anyone hear me?? I'm really getting frustrated! And why isn'

  • Does nokia lumia 920 support adobe flash? Updated:11-30

    Does nokia lumia 920 support adobe flash? Solved! Go to Solution.paulheu wrote: Guess what, all these apps are created for iPhone, a device which does not support flash. So it should be obvious to anyone that supporting flash is not a prerequisite to

  • Adobe flash lite on nokia asha 302 Updated:11-30

    how can i download and install adobe flash lite on my nokia asha 302 ? please help me , i want to download and stream videos but some of them needs a flash lite .Mhm. With a Nokia Series 40 phone like yours, Adobe Flash Lite is either integrated with

  • Adobe Flash Lite 3 - Nokia asha 200 Updated:11-30

    what is the use of adobe flash lite 3 in nokia asha 200? Moderator's Note: The subject was amended as the post was moved to the appropriate board.HellKing, could you double-check with, please? You have to put that URL into an SMS, sav

  • Bricked nokia 5230, how to flash with orignal firm... Updated:11-30

    yesterday, I was trying to update my firmware from "RM-588 51.6.002" to symbian anna 7.5 (RM-594) in my nokia 5230 using JAF tool. In JAF, at the bottom of the window, where the progress is shown, when it tried "pooling", my device's s

  • Adobe flash lite Updated:11-30

    hello sir,                  i'm ganesh i use nokia 5230 and when use youtube on mobile the video is play without flash player.                  i also use HQ mode but work with it.                  pls give me suggesion.......Hi GANESHTIRMARE, Have y

  • How to download Adobe Flash Player Lite 2.1 for Symbian Belle? Updated:10-11

    Greetings. I would Like to ask if someone would be so kind and tell me where or how couls I download Adobe Flash Player ite 2.1 for Symbian Belle? I registered on Adobe and gone to downloading page clicked to link : Download the free Flash Lite 2.1 p

  • Adobe flash player for lumia 520 Updated:10-11

    Why can't I install Adobe flash player, I have to access medical records and most of them need Adobe. I purchased this phone because, I was told it's one of the best. I'm sorry it has a lot missingI also just discovered this Flash Player issue.  I ca

  • Nokia 5230 v40.0.003 - Contacts Bar Missing Updated:11-30

    Hi there, thanks for reading. I have a problem with my Nokia 5230. I've had my phone about 9 months, and I've been very happy with it. Today I finally got round to installing the v40.0.003 firmware update. All went well except... Ovi Maps not updatin

  • No Adobe Flash Player Alternative? Updated:11-30

    I love to play games like Monster Busters and Candy Crush Soda on Facebook while on my phone. I just bought this Nokia Lumia 530 and have now realized it doesn't use Adobe Flash. Is there any way around this,or an alternative altogether? I miss my ga

  • Confirm on - Scratch-resistant glass, oleophobic coating,Adobe Flash HTML,Radio Stereo FM,Java MIDP emulator,Scratch-resistant glass back panel,Audio/video player and editor,TV Out,Document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) Updated:11-30

    Kindly confirm on the following features of Iphone 4s..and advice me accordingly. Confirm on - Scratch-resistant glass, oleophobic coating,Adobe Flash HTML,Radio Stereo FM,Java MIDP emulator,Scratch-resistant glass back panel,Audio/video player and e

  • Adobe Flash Reader for Palm Pre Updated:11-30

    there are some web sites that you need the adobe Flash Reader to watch video, is there anyone that knows how to get it on the palm pre? it shows up saying that i need the latest download, can anyone help me? Post relates to: Pre p100eww (Sprint)The F

  • Downloading/installing adobe flash player on a Nok... Updated:11-30

    Hi, I can't watch Youtube videos on my Nokia 5300,as i get a message saying i need adobe flash player or java, the latter which i've got and is also enabled. I've tried to download adobe flash player, but to no avail, if anyone knows where, and how i