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  • Adobe freezing virtual desktop session Updated:11-30

    We have classrooms with Windows 7 Virtual desktops running on Xendesktop. When a student has multople adobe documents opan and attempts a search, it freezes the sessoin. I then have to forcably reboot virtual desktop in order to release the session.H

  • Adobe Captivate and Virtual Desktop (citrix) Updated:11-30

    I have captivate 5 and I'm using it through a virtual desktop in citrix. The problem I have it when I try to start a recording, the application stops responding and closes without leaving any event. The captivate 5 it´s supported for citrix virtual d

  • Adobe Reader 9.4.5 & Virtual Desktop Infrastructure compatibility ? Updated:10-11

    I am seeking following information on Adobe Reader 9.4.5 in regards to MS Virtual Desktop Infrastructure compatibility, below are questions: 1. Is the application – Adobe Reader 9.4.5 supported on Windows 7 x64 desktop virtualised on Windows Server 2

  • Wordware Publishing, Inc. announces the release of Adobe Captivate 3.0: The Definitive Guide Updated:11-30

    Wordware Publishing, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Adobe Captivate 3.0: The Definitive Guide by Brenda Huettner. Here's the description from the back cover: Adobe Captivate 3: The Definitive Guide, the follow-up to Wordware’s popular Mac

  • How to do a Khan Academy video within or uploaded to Adobe Captivate? Updated:11-30

    Hi wondering if anyone has uploaded a Khan Academy type video into Adobe Captivate, or what was your process and what tools did you use?  This would be an eLearning module with content first then with a virtual learning blackboard video (Kahn Academy

  • Adobe Captivate CC - Device Compatibility Updated:11-30

    Hello, We are currently working on a virtual tour for the National Flight Academy. You can view the virtual tour at this link... We built the tour with Adobe Captivate CC and published with both HTML5

  • Adobe Captivate 7 patch (CP 7.0.1) Updated:11-30

    Adobe Captivate 7.0.1 patch is released now. Downloading instruction and What's new in Adobe Captivate 7 : Mac users may share his/her contact details on [email protected] and we will share C

  • Launch of Adobe Captivate blocks on computer Windows 7 Professional Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have installed Adobe Captivate 8.0 UK Win on a computer (Win7 professional version) at my work. The installation log file gives the following information : Exit Code: 6 Please see specific errors below for troubleshooting. For example,  ERRO

  • Adobe Captivate 8 will not open (subscription) Updated:11-30

    i purchased the subscription for Adobe Captivate. I installed the 32-bit and 64-bit versions and neither works. I'm just getting the start screen and Loading message but nothing happens. I've tried an uninstall and redownloaded the software still not

  • How to instal adobe captivate Updated:11-30

    i just download adobe captivate 7. then i click on setup akamai dlm in installed successfully. but where it is installed and how to open it.pls give me answer.Adobe Download Assistant is a small application that is meant to improve download reliabili

  • Adobe Captivate crashing / RAM Usage Updated:11-30

    I've noticed that Adobe Captivate seems to consistently crash on my system when my system has reached a certain amount of RAM usage. (For me it's around 2.2GB, and I have a total of 3GB.) While in Captivate, my RAM usage increases significantly when

  • Runtime error R6025 when closing adobe captivate 6 or 7 Updated:11-30

    Everytime I close Captivate on a system running Win 8.1 (did it with previous version of Windows, too), I would get this runtime error R6025 pure virtual function.  Any resolujtions to this error would be appreciated.Hi there, Welcome to Adobe Commun

  • Adobe Captivate Reviewer - won't load .crev file in Vista Updated:11-30

    Using Reviewer for the first time (Captivate 4 on Vista box). Downloaded Reviewer from email link Clicked on .crev file from email link In the Reviewer, got message "Unable to load SWF file. Try opening Adobe Captivate Reviewer in the Administrator m

  • Adobe Captivate Outputting/Rendering Slow, Sluggish, and Choppy Video when ScreenCasting Updated:11-30

    When I screencast my desktop and then output/render the video that Adobe Captivate recorded, the video is always so choppy, sluggish, and slow. I set the frames per second to 80 and interval to 1, 5, and 10, and still choppy video. My system specfica

  • Reinstall Adobe Captivate Updated:11-30

    Hi I had Adobe Captivate 4.0 installed on my computer. However the desktop was rebooted and new windows was installed. How do i reinstall Adobe Captivate on my system. I have the prodcut key and everything. Please help!!!Hi Vikojh, Please go to this

  • Any alternative webserver to WAMP that works with Adobe Captivate? Updated:11-30

    Hi there, We are using Adobe Captivate version 5.5 with an internal website using WAMP 2.1.  Recently our ISO found that WAMP's php/apache version is outdated, and require a upgrade, but I checked that even the most recent version of WAMP's version 2

  • Adobe captivate installed but doesnt gets open it hangs Updated:11-30

    I installed trial version Adobe Captivate 8 on my machine but the application doesn't opens it continuously loading.Hi There, It seems that issue you were facing is due to fonts installed on your machine. Can  you  try  to  take  the  backup  of  the

  • Virtual Desktop Indicator Updated:11-30

    Under Snow Leopard, we could specify virtual screens. An indicator of which screen was active was displayed in the status bar at the top of the monitor (as I recall a little box with a number in it that indicated sceen 1, 2, 3, etc.). In Lion, we hav

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App Window Blank, Windows 8.1 (Resolved) Updated:10-11

    Platform: PC OS: Windows 8 (8.1) I needed to download Flash, so I searched for my Desktop Application Manager.  Opened the Creative Cloud App, and saw this: I waited for it to "load" but nothing ever loaded.  I clicked the gear to see if I could

  • Adobe Captivate has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. Updated:10-11

    I am trying to use Adobe Captivate 5 and I am receiving this message when trying to open the application, "Adobe® Captivate® has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." Can you explain how this issue can be