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adobe captivate - resize animation

  • How do you change the Green "Adobe Captivate" loading animation in a SWF? Updated:11-30

    Hello! I would like to replace the loading image that I have inserted (below) to something else. This is the loading image that appears when the SWF is loading in an internet browser. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks,Go to Edit, Preferences, P

  • Using Adobe Captivate 6, how can I replicate the PPt text animations wherein I can float in timed? Updated:11-30

    Using Adobe Captivate version 6.0, I want to be able to do what I always could in PowerPoint - in a bulleted list, cause each bullet to float (or other animation) into place, establish a timing for each line.To do this in Captivate, you need each bul

  • Powerpoint custom animations to adobe captivate 5.5 Updated:11-30

    I have Adobe captivate 5.5 on my Mac. I started a captivate presentation from a Powerpoint slide show (2008) in which there were some custom animations on the slides. I requested that the slides auto advance during the import and did not link the pre

  • How to do a Khan Academy video within or uploaded to Adobe Captivate? Updated:11-30

    Hi wondering if anyone has uploaded a Khan Academy type video into Adobe Captivate, or what was your process and what tools did you use?  This would be an eLearning module with content first then with a virtual learning blackboard video (Kahn Academy

  • Adobe Edge 3 animations issues with webview on Android v4.1.1 and v4.2.1 Updated:11-30

    I am developing an Android App using webview (using phonegap/cordova v2.8.1 ) . I used Adobe Edge 3 and generated few animations using SVG images and couple of html pages Query #1:    Scaling of image is continously increasing with every orientation

  • Publishing  files in Adobe Captivate Updated:11-30

    Hello, My product is actually Adobe Captivate, as the select your product option is not working on your support portal, Im submitting the case under Flash. Please feel free to redirect to the concerned department. I am a technical writer and currentl

  • Adobe Captivate - HTML5 files to big! Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am doing elearning courses with Adobe Captivate 6. Don't get me wrong, I love Adobe Products. But there is a love and hate retationship with Adobe Captivate. I am using the new HTML5 option when I publish a class, but the HTML folder is too

  • Adobe Captivate 8 Crashes on Mac Updated:11-30

    Hi, Adobe Captivate has crashed twice on me today. Unfortunately, after the second crash I lost 2 hours of work. Does anyone have any trouble shooting tips on how I can fix this? It's the most up-to-date version of Captivate. Yes, I realize that I ne

  • Adobe Captivate 5 not saving Updated:11-30

    Today when trying to save my Captivate file I am getting the following error and it is topping at 50% complete.... "Failed to add file to zip 2 compressed_data/data-69329916406.cpd . Unknown exception. The save file might get corrupted. You should tr

  • Spinning Globe Adobe Captivate 6 Updated:11-30

    Hi need to do the following in Adobe Captivate 6 (I was told this forum is the right place to ask for help): 1) Show a slow-rotating globe move into the screen with pin lights popping up all over the different continents to show we have subscribers a

  • Publishing SWF in Adobe Captivate 3 produces no output Updated:11-30

    Hi, Until recently I could merrily publish SWF, Adobe Connect Pro, Standalone (.exe) in Adobe Captivate 3. Now on some of my "presentations" when I try to publish as SWF no output is produced. Although I do get the progress bar, and the usual me

  • Problems - Powerpoint to Adobe captivate Updated:11-30

    Hi Community, I am after some help/ advise. I am using Adobe Captivate 3 and have sucessfully converted a Powerpoint presentation into Adobe Captivate. However i have come across 1 stumbling block. This is the initial powerpoint presentation is desig

  • Trouble Importing PowerPoint 2003 file into Adobe Captivate 3 Updated:11-30

    I am using Adobe Captivate 3 and am having difficulty importing a owerPoint 2003 file.  The file has 26 slides but Captivate only recognizes 17 of them.  The powerpoint file has no transitions or animations set that would cause any issues.  Any ideas

  • Generate Report Troubles with Adobe Captivate Quiz Results Analyzer Updated:11-30

    I'm new to Captivate 5 and am trying to utilize the Adobe Captivate Quiz Results Analyzer. I've enabled report for my project to and configured as instructed in the online help.  The Post Result button appears on the Summary page and appe

  • Is Adobe Captivate for me? Updated:11-30

    Hello, I came across Adobe Captivate and the eLearning Suite while looking for screen capture video software.  I don't know if this is going to serve my purpose and that is my question. What I would like to do is create tutorial videos through screen

  • Adobe Captivate freezes- Doesn't show Slide Images Updated:11-30

    I'm getting a frequently occuring error where Adobe Captivate freezes  and no longer shows the captured animations of the slides, only the  mouse movements. Then if I try to save, it looks like it is saving, but  does nothing. Then if I wait a bit lo

  • SWF in IE has Project Created by Adobe Captivate 7 Updated:11-30

    When someone attempts to play an swf in Internet Explorer a small box appears with " Project Created by Adobe Captivate 7" and the video won't play Anyone know why this might occur?I have seen this error if AS2 content (Flash animations containi

  • Adobe Captivate 5.5 Month - Month Subscription Plan Updated:11-30

    Hi Can someone please provide me complete details of the Adobe Captivate 5.5 Month - Month Subscription Plan?? How does it work? After the completion of the month does it still provide options to upgrade/move to yearly subscription plan/purchase anot

  • Is FlashEff compatible with Adobe Captivate? Updated:11-30

    Is FlashEff compatible with Adobe Captivate?Once you have a published SWF, it should be possible to insert it as an animation. But be careful to check the default framerate in FlashEff: in Captivate it is 30fps. Moreover as you are probably aware of,

  • Seeking Adobe Captivate Developer Updated:11-30

    Description A growing on-line training company seeks an Adobe Captivate Developer for a contract or full-time position as part of an online course development team. A thorough knowledge of Adobe Captivate development using graphic design, animation,