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adobe canon g7x len profile

  • Lens Profile Support LR5 Updated:10-11

    Lens profiles not showing up in LR 5. Working on a Mac 10.7.5, Photoshop CS6, and Camera Raw 8.3 installed. In Lightroom 4, my Canon 6D camera was supported, all lens profiles appearing in LR, was able to choose my Tamron 28-200 mm profile for raw im

  • Lens profile not recognized by LR 5.3 Updated:10-11

    At work, on a Windows 7 laptop, I used the Adobe Lens Profile Creator utility to make an LCP file for a Nikon 1 6.7-13mm zoom lens.  After submitting that LCP file to adobe via email, I copied it to my Dropbox.  At home, on my Mac OS X 10.8.5, I copi

  • Is there a lens profile for Samyang 14mm and Canon 5D2 ? Updated:10-11

    Hi ! I'm thinking about buying a new Samyang / Rokinon / Bower etc 14mm wide angle full frame lens. However, this lens has bad moustache distortion on stills images - not good for architecture. Is there an Adobe lens profile for Adobe Camera Raw (Pho

  • Adobe Camera Raw Save Settings and Lens Profile Corrections Help Updated:10-11

    I have been fooling around with Adobe Camera Raw's (ACR) ability to save settings so that I can apply them to other images. I'm able to set things such as clarity, vibrance, camera profile etc. What I want to do is enable Lens Profile Corrections and

  • After upgrade to  lightroom 4.3, my canon 7D is not showing up in lens profile correction Updated:10-11

    I think this happened after upgrading to lightroom 4.2, but I am not sure as I haven't used Lens profile correction in some time. When I enable the "Enable profile corrections" checkbox in "lens corrections" The Make and model of the l