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ADFS SSO fails with IOS sim

  • ADFS SSO and SharePoint 2013 on-premise Hybrid outbound search results from SharePoint Online - does it work? Updated:10-11

    Hi,  I want to setup an outpund hybrid search for SharePoint 2013 on-premise to SharePoint Online. But I'm not shure if this works with ADFS SSO. Has somebody experience with this setup? Here's my guide which I'm going to use for this installation: I


    In our Application Server, OC4J_SECURITY is down. Log entries in opmn log of OC4J_SECURITY: 09/08/20 11:13:37 Start process 09/08/20 11:13:43 Warning: Error reading transaction-log file (/export/home/oracle/AS_HOME/infra/j2ee/OC4J_SECURITY

  • MKMapRectContainsPoint is failing on IOS 6 Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am testing an application made for IOS 5 on IOS 6. I am using Mapkit and MKMapRectContainsPoint, it works on IOS 5 fine but it fails on IOS 6 for the same locations, so i made some tests and realize that the CGRect returned by visibleMapRect

  • SP2013 - ADFS Authentification fails Updated:11-30

    Hi there, for testing purposes I have set up a sharepoint farm with one sp2013-server, sql 2008R2 and one hostnamed web-application. I have also set up a new certification authority and an adfs-server, both based on windows 2012 r2. After setting up

  • Cwallet.sso failed even after changes made to cwallet security properties Updated:11-30

    WARNING: Opening of wallet based credential store failed. Reason tion: F:\oracle\middleware\user_projects\domains\obiee_domain\config\fmwconfig\b ootstrap\cwallet.sso (Access is denied) Oct 19, 2011 6:20:12 PM

  • BEA-160197: Simple ADF application fails to deploy on integrated weblogic Updated:11-30

    JDeveloper Simple JSF ADF application fails to test localy on integrated weblogic. I have never seen this and have no clue where to look for the problem. Anyone? [01:11:01 PM] Deploying Application... <23.05.2012. 13.11.01 CEST> <Error


    07/02/07 20:08:15 SSO: DB Error. Please make sure the database is available and restart SSO Server 07/02/07 20:08:15 Could not create DB connection pool of: jdbc:oracle:thin:@ldap://applicationserver.blr.s

  • SSO Failed: Native ... Updated:11-30

    Hi, This is the error I get when attempting to connect to sql server.  This was working in the early adopter/, now that I installed and neither version works. Status : Failure -Test failed: I/O Error: SSO Failed: Native SSPI library

  • IMessage failed on iOS 8.1 Updated:10-11

    My Ipad Air's iMessage function failed after the upgrader to iOS8.1 I do not have this issue on my iphone, which I did not update and still running on iOS8.02 Is there any solution to fixing this?Hi chrisfromst. mellons, If you are having an issue wi

  • SSO fails from EP6 to R/3 4.6C Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am trying to replace a Workplace 2.11 system (and standalone ITS 6.10) with Enterprise Portal 6.0 Web AS 6.40 system (and standalone ITS 6.20). The R/3 backend is 4.6C. I've performed th following steps: - installed and patched the Portal and I

  • Calendar Server 7u2 fails with iOS 5 Updated:10-11

    Hello everybody. Connecting to Oracle Calendar Server for CalDAV with an iPhone 4, updated to iOS 5, fails when loading the calendar. The iPhone can neither see the calendar, nor load tasks. The connection works fine with Thunderbird 7.0/Lightning. T

  • SSO fails with logon ticket Updated:11-30

    Hi all , Could some advice on this .I have some issues with SSO with logon tickets . My landscape consists of - EP 6.0 SP on WAS J2EE 6.0 - ECC 5.0 SP7 on WAS ABAP 6.0 I am trying to do SSO between portal and ECC , where in portal is the ticket issue

  • Problem with the installation of iOS: SIM card error Updated:11-30

    Dear Sirs, my iphone was a gift from a relative who resides in the U.S., I am a resident in Peru and my team Was working normally yesterday come February 1st, 2013 my iphone was updated to iOS 5.0.1 and after the operation appeared on my phone SIM in

  • VPN fails for iOS and Android devices Updated:11-30

    L2TP and PPTP VPN set up on OS X Server 3.0 fails when connection is made from iOS or Android device. When connecting from a MacBook Air running Maverick it all works fine. Exact same client settings are done on iOS and OS X. When connecting from OS

  • Urgent Help: RemoteObject failed in iOS Updated:11-30

    I am current running AIR 3.1 with Flash Builder 4.6, creating an application that would make remoting calls to BlazeDS.  For some reason, the emulator and the browser version of the application works, but as soon as it is deployed to iPad, the remoti

  • SSO failing after moving catalog and repository Updated:11-30

    As a test, we recently copied the repository and catalog files from one OBIEE server to another in development. The configuration of the servers is virtually identical. After the copy, SSO is no longer working on the second server. After the user aut

  • Im trying to activate my iphone and it fails saying "the SIM card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported". i rang apple they said its vodaphone rang vodaphone they said its apple... someone please help!!!!!! Updated:11-30

    my iphone 4s was continually searching for a newtwork my carrier informed me my iphone needed a service or exchange. i drove 2hrs and paid $239 to exchange my iphone. i then went to activate it and i recieve a message saying activation failed. the SI

  • Wifi connection to iphone fails after replacing sim card Updated:11-30

    the sim card on my iphone failed and had to be replaced. the phone works fine now EXCEPT cannot get wifi from verizon Actiontec router: says Incorrect Password.  other devices (iPad, Kindle) still connect OK.  please help. LouNot sure if the sim card

  • UC560 backup to CCA failing with IOS error Updated:11-30

    Prior to doing a full upgrade of my UC560, I attempted to use CCA to do a backup of my configuration, voicemail, etc.  The process seems to get fairly far (backing up CUE), and then CCA informs me that the backup failed. I was getting "%SYS-2-BADSHAR

  • ADF Mobile failed to deploy to android device Updated:11-30

    Hello all, I'm trying to create an ADF Mobile App, following [this video tutorial|]. I'm using JDeveloper Studio Edition Version and getting this