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  • N8 Accuweather 1.1.608 - upgrade and the same prob... Updated:10-11

    Hallo, Is anyone install Accuweather widget version 1.1.608 in N8? Do You have the same problem with auto refreshing data in widget? I must still do it manually - in N8 it doesn't work aotomaticly like in N97 does. Someone tell me whay? ByeYou can do

  • Please help i can't share my project I did try in all of them and it doesnt work it apears like that........ The share operation Master File has failed The operation could not be completed because an error occurred when creating frame 608 (error -1). and Updated:10-11

    I did try in all of them and it doesnt work it apears like that........ The share operation Master File has failed The operation could not be completed because an error occurred when creating frame 608 (error -1). and i dont know what to do plese hlp

  • Problems with Sitecom WL-608 Updated:10-11

    Hello, I've bought a Sitecom WL-608 and it does not work as it should. It seems to be recognized by Arch: (I have to mention before that, "eth0" is a build-in interface, the stick will be used on another computer but since I have no internet the

  • Accuweather on Nokia 5800 Updated:10-11

    Accuweather has suddenly stopped working, It opens and then just keeps 'loading'. I've uninstalled it and installed it again and still no joy. Any ideas anyone? P.S. fairly new to this phone,so be gentle! thanks Solved! Go to Solution.When you start

  • Anyone having trouble with Accuweather? Updated:11-30

    It's been going on for weeks; if I'm lucky enough to pull up a page in Accuweather, I'm unable to pull a second. It happens on both of my Macs. I figured it might be an issue with my ISP, soI booted up into Windows on my Mac Pro, but didn't have this

  • Is Accuweather discontinued for Sony Ericsson Elm? Updated:11-30

    I am very fond of my Elm, that has had all the functions I need, but since some months the app Accuweather has stopped working. It says "Wait while the weather is updated..." endlessly. Has Accuweather stopped sending info to this old Java app o

  • My experience at store #608 Updated:11-30

    So I pre ordered at store 608 in sanford fl from a guy named mike. He was extremely nice and said on pre order day we had a good shot of getting one since we were early. So I kept waiting on call and just decided to go in Wednesday and find out if we

  • Accuweather script alert (N97) Updated:11-30

    Has anyone elses Accuweather packed up after the latest N97 FW update? Mine won't get any data at allMine has packed it in as well, nothing I have done so far seems to fix it. I've tried the following: - Restarting Phone - Removing widget from homesc

  • STO with shipping and with billing, in PGI- Error Msgs- VL-608 & VL-609 Updated:11-30

    Hi.. I have generated outbound delivery in STO  with shipping and with billing process. But, in PGI Quantity not picked and when i click PGI two error msgs came with message class-VL and message numbers 608 and 609. VL - 608 - Delivery has not yet be

  • Workshop 3.3 build 608 + tomcat not starting Updated:11-30

    I installed a fresh version of Workshop 3.3 build 608 in the anticipation that this would finally rid the issue I faced in an earlier post (search Tomcat 5.5.20 + BEA Workshop 3.2.1 build 589 issues) Only this time when I try to start the tomcat serv

  • Sony/Accuweather App not working on z3 Updated:11-30

    hii, yesterday i got the xperia z3 and i noticed that the accuweather app does not work, and when i try to add my location it says location not found i forced stop and cleared data but still the widget isn't working.As Mitz_Shpitz says, this is an is

  • [svn] 1098: Merge 3.0.x -- 362:394, 427:429, 603:608, 644:645, 651:663, 672 :676, 755:756, 763:766, 785:790, 812:814, 854:861, 862:866, 866:933,971: 1009, 1050:1056 -- trunk Updated:11-30

    Revision: 1098 Author: [email protected] Date: 2008-04-03 14:50:39 -0700 (Thu, 03 Apr 2008) Log Message: Merge 3.0.x -- 362:394, 427:429, 603:608, 644:645, 651:663, 672:676, 755:756, 763:766, 785:790, 812:814, 854:861, 862:866, 866:933,971:1009, 105

  • NDSIAddPacketFilter failed with error -608 Updated:11-30

    Running BM3.8 SP5 on a Netware 6.5 SP7 server. I'm trying to update the filters using Craig Johnson's fix to allow Microsoft Update to work correctly and I get a "NDSIAddPacketFilter failed with error -608" message when I migrate the settings us

  • Accuweather gone on n97 Updated:11-30

    i didnt reallize there was a different version of accuweather on te n97 .. i had two installed and removed one.. now even after reformatting it is missing.. i need a copy of the accuweather widget for the n97 that comes with it that works on the home

  • ACCUWEATHER appliation error Updated:11-30

    With the application AccuWeather have the problem in my laptop - after opening it is crashed many times and get the error in Windiws Error Reporting in Event Viewer Windows 8.1 64 bit (have translated from Polish into English ) : Source:        Appli

  • Itunes 7.6 stores 608 songs as 150.48 GB Updated:11-30

    Please help, since udating to itunes 7.6 it is storing 608 songs as 150.48 GB so I can't put all songs and play lists on my i pod nano 4GB, my previous version of i tunes was storing the same amount of songs as roughly 2.8 GB. How can I fix this, the

  • Facebook, Accuweather, etc. pages no longer look like they did previously. Updated:11-30

    Facebook no longer looks correct nor does Accuweather. I haven't checked others but the pages are just written words, with no pictures, tabs or anything like they used to when I would log on to them.Make sure that you allow pages to choose their colo

  • How to Change Program Monitor Closed Caption From 608 to 708 in Premiere Pro CC 2014 latest release Updated:11-30

    SInce the update I can't seem to be able to switch my program monitor to see 708 it just gives me 608 as the option.Kevin Monahan wrote: Is your Mercury Playback Engine set to CUDA or OpenCL? Make sure it is in CUDA. Yes, it is. Does this happen with

  • Accuweather Updated:11-30

    I purchased my GS3 this week and got my Accuweather set up sorta. I can't seem to figure out how to get the weather to automatically update on my homepage. Let's put it this way, this is Sunday and it is still showing me Friday's weather on that firs

  • Signs indicating 'No Activation Fee" 12/21/09 Sanford Store#608 Updated:11-30

    On 123/21 Store #608 had signs stating'No Activation fee" on Verizon cell phones. I activated 3 lines, only to find that I have activation charges of $35,$35, and $25 on the respective phones.... Guess what,  Here come the phones back...Dmicohen Solv