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abap smartforms decimal notation

  • How to do setting of  decimal notation and arithmatic and character note Updated:10-11

    Hi colleagues I do have one problem And the following setting tried in SAP netweaver so do not give any hint for Netweaver The problem is stated as follows in output type in Germany they use , instead of . the dot signifies point that is . and we use

  • List of users and their decimal notation settings in SAP system Updated:10-11

    Hi all, i'm looking to get my hands on a list of all users in our SAP system and their respective decimal notation settings? I know that these can be mass changed using SU10 however I am unable to determine how to view a list of users and their setti

  • How to get decimal notation in 'SU01'? Updated:10-11

    Hi guys, You know that when we process the currency, it needs to know what the user have set the decimal notation. You can run tcode 'SU01',click the tab 'default' to see it. So how to get the user the setting? Any function module ? Welcome any ideas

  • Decimal notation in report output Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, My requirement is want to display values in report with out decimal notations( , .). Eg: 2,008.00 Output should be 2008 I know one solution , by maintaining user profiles we can achieve this .But this solution is user specific. I need a s

  • Issue on Decimal notation Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends, Here i'm facing issue on decimal notation, which we maintained at User profile screen like 1.234.567,89 / 1,234,567.89 In an report output, for a particular field, value is displaying as 1.25 - here i chose decimal notation 1.234.567,89 o