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abap proxy vs RFC SAP PI


    Hi, I have the following scenery: Abap Proxy -> XI->RFC.  This abap proxy is installed in the enviroment R/3 in the client 041 and client 210.  In the client 041 it is executed with success. In the customer 210 when I execute the program abap a logi

  • SAP R/3(Client100 using Proxy)---- XI----- RFC(SAP R/3 client 222) Scenario Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have the requirement to work on SAP R/3 ( with client 100 by using outbound Proxy)-->XI--->RFC(R/3 Client 222). i have done IR & ID Part. Now i am going to create Report in R/3 side (100 client). But, it is synchronous, i am getting so

  • Web Service to ABAP Proxy, Calling RFC from ABAP Proxy Updated:10-11

    can any body send me the notes or Step by step process of Webserice of calling RFC using ABAP proxy, I am new to XI. send me detail process of this perticular scenariosHope this helps /people/siva.maranani/blog/2005/05/23/communication-between-sap-sy

  • Exception when calling ABAP Proxy modelled in SAP PI: CL_SOAP_RUNTIME_ROOT Updated:11-30

    Hi, We have a scenario where we: 1. Modell an interface in SAP PI    This interface contains a complex type from a different namespace 2. Use it to create an ABAP proxy in backend system 3. Configure it with SOAManager 4. Call the ABAP proxy ws direc

  • ABAP Proxy error in SAP XI Updated:10-11

    H All, I have a problem with my proxies that I receive from ECC, 95% of the time the proxy works perfectly, but then the other 5% it fails. When the Message exits ECC it only has one message in the payload, but when it reaches XI it has multiple payl

  • RFC Adapter or ABAP Proxy Updated:11-30

    Pls suggest me which one to use and why? Any good blog Regardshi sehgal for abap proxies  see the below links /people/sap.user72/blog/2005/12/13/integration-builders-through-proxy-server-part--2 /people/ravikumar.allampallam/blog/2005/03/14/abap-prox

  • NonSAP client- SOAP- PI- ABAP Proxy- SAP Business System EOIO Question Updated:11-30

    Hey all... wondering how and if the following can be accomplished I have a nonSAP client that is sending SOAP message pairs to PI 7.11 SP06.  PI is then sending these messages via ABAP Proxy to our SAP business system.  By pairs I mean for each event

  • ABAP Proxy Structure Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have SAP server at sender side, XI is my middleware and  two 3rd partyservers on the receiver side. So,from SAP side data  comes through proxy,I would generate a structure which contains the fields required to send the data to both the receiver

  • ABAP Proxy Outbound Error Updated:10-11

    hello everybody, i have the next scenario ABAP Proxy->XI->RFC, the problem is that in the sender system I'm getting the next error in SXMB_MONI of sender system:   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"

  • ABAP Proxy: Error calling Proxy Updated:10-11

    Hi guys, Here I am with another amazing mistake..... After searching the forum, reading some suggestions, notes, I'm a little bit lost on how to figure out what is wrong... I've created a receiver ABAP Proxy. XI should call this proxy and receive the

  • Send message with abap proxy client Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to send message to XI, but no message in sxmb_moni. I have created logical port with LPCONFIG. ABAP code REPORT  Z_HTTP_SEND. DATA: * Reference variables for proxy and exception class   lo_clientProxy     TYPE REF TO ZPCO_MI_COMPANY_OB,  


    Hi, I am working in the following senario: ABAP PROXY -> XI -> RFC  I also created Receiver Agreement, Interface Determination and Receiver Determination. All the 3 are associated to a party.  When I execute the abap program the following message ap

  • Attachments via ABAP Proxy Updated:11-30

    I have come across one client requirment where he needs to send the txt/pdf file as an attachment from R/3, currently that interface is using the ABAP Proxy, is there any idea about How to send the attachments via ABAP Proxy?Hi, Refer XI: RFC or ABAP

  • About abap proxy Updated:11-30

    Hi,    In sap xi my source is abap proxy target is rfc.What is the abap proxy can any one please help me out i will give good points.It is urjent Thanks & Regards Kavithahi, see the below links /people/vijaya.kumari2/blog/2006/01/26/how-do-you-activa

  • ABAP proxy code using internal table Updated:10-11

    Hi XI guru's, Good Afternoon, My Scenario is ABAP Proxy to file using ztable. i am getting data from Sap R/3 data base as Ztable. using this Ztable i have to write ABAP Proxy code. I generated ABAP Proxy and mentioned all below.Please send me ABAP Pr

  • Sync HTTP to ABAP proxy Updated:10-11

    Hi: I am looking for a Sync HTTP to ABAP proxy scenario screenshots. Can someone help? ThnxHI, See the below links /people/siva.maranani/blog/2005/04/03/abap-server-proxies /people/vijaya.kumari2/blog/2006/01/26/how-do-you-activate-abap-proxies /peop

  • ABAP Proxy or IDOC Adapter? Updated:10-11

    Hi all, In my project, we are using 3 system(SAP R/3(ECC 6.0), Oracle and VAN). Data has to synchronize between these systems. 1. Oracle ->PI ->SAP R/3 Oracle system is sending Material master data to SAP R/3 ECC 6.0. At sender side I am using JDBC

  • Abap proxy for 2 PI server with 1 ERP server Updated:10-11

    Hi expert, I have 2 production PI server that require abap proxy and RFC adapter communication with 1 production ERP server. In the ERP server sxmb_adm integration server configuration only 1 rfc destination that possible but i have 2 PI server. Is t

  • Abap proxy and java proxy Updated:10-11

    Hi Could you plz tell me when should we select ABAP Proxy and when should java proxy ?? Is it like that in SAP systems we use ABAP proxy and non-sap systems we use JAVA proxy ?? Thanks KumarTo connect to SAP system with WAS >= 6.4, ABAP proxy is used

  • Acknowledgement for AsynThird-party-- SOAP-- PI-- ABAP proxy-- ECC scenario Updated:10-11

    Can someone please provide me a step-by-step for Third-party>SOAP>PI>ABAP proxy>ECC scenario. Third-part system is sending an Asynchronous HTTPS message to PI which is then routed to the ECC system to do some processing. I have read many blong