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aadsts50011: The reply address

  • AADSTS50011: The reply address does not match the reply addresses configured for the application Updated:10-11

    Can anyone tell me where to update the reply address? I have AD synced from on-prem to Azure, then I setup a website on, then created a CNAME record from to When I try to login using por

  • Reply address for balance confirmation Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am using t.code f.17 for balance confirmation report. But it is giving following error. Reply address does not exist for company code 1000 Message no. FB366 Diagnosis You want to print forms on which the reply address is issued as standard. You

  • Wrong E-mail Reply Address Updated:11-30

    We have a wierd situation going on here. Running Server OS X 10.3.9. A company that we work with has one user who's mail gives us problems. When we open mail he sends us on our end (using Mail in Jaguar, Panther, and Tiger) the reply address is repor

  • Sending with a different reply address Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have an exchange server with multiple accepted domains. Each user then has multiple SMTP addresses setup on their account. (primary reply address) etc. I would like to be able

  • Reply address: is it possible to use another reply address other than the pop address used in my account. I have a special work account and would like to send emails with that address as my reply address...or sent from address Updated:11-30

    Reply address: is it possible to use another reply address other than the pop address used in my account. I have a special work account and would like to send emails with that address as my reply address...or sent from addressi found out how to do th

  • messing up reply address for simple email addresses. Updated:11-30

    Anybody else get this problem? When an email comes to me with the following looking "From" field: From: <[email protected]> That's with greater than and less than character at the start and end of it. It messes up the reply address. When I

  • Using gmail reply address with icloud on my iphone Updated:11-30

    How can I use icloud mail on my iphone but use my gmail reply address?If you tap on the "From" address, a pop up list of other email names should appear and you can choose one of them.  If you have the gmail account defined in the mail app, then

  • Setting reply address Updated:11-30

    I have a gmail imap account and the reply address is set to my gmail address, however on my mac I set Apple Mail so that my reply address is more generic ([email protected]). I can't see how to do this on the iPad.You can't see how to do this on the

  • Change the reply address for webmail Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have three domains on my mailserver. Two are local host aliases. They all work fine and receive email no problem. They also have some other addresses set in the aliases file and that is fine. I just need to get one of the users to be able to re

  • Why when people reply to my email, the reply address is wrong? Updated:11-30

    Why when people reply to my email, the reply address is wrong?      What I did: 1) Mail > Preferences>Composing>Send new message from >[email protected]      2) Selected the inbox for the correct email address before sending      3) Selected t

  • Two different email reply addresses - how to do this? Updated:11-30

    I am trying to switch from Entourage to Mail. First problem: I want to have two accounts for sending but the second account does not need to receive mail. Basically, I want to be able to have two different reply to" accounts. One with the reply [emai

  • Mail 4.5 double reply address Updated:11-30

    A few times when I try to reply to specific people's emails (always the same people) I get a double or triple copy of their address in the "To:" field.  Such as this: The person's address is  [email protected]  If I start to type Joe Doaks's add

  • IOS 6 Mail default reply address - random Updated:11-30

    Ever since switching to iOS 6 my mail reply does not list the proper address as the default. I use IMAP with Gmail.  I have multiple addresses entered in the Email field in the preferences.  In previous iOS versions, it obeyed the default I have set

  • Reply address format Updated:11-30

    Messaging Server version: Sun ONE Messaging Server 6.0 Patch 1 (built Jan 28 2004) 6.0 Patch 1 (built 01:45:05, Jan 28 2004) SunOS stargate 5.9 Generic_112233-11 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-250 What parameter do I need to set up so that when us

  • Custom reply address from icloud Updated:11-30

    I am converting my contact management to iCloud. So far so good, except...... I have to continue using my company email address for customers. How do I change the reply to email address to that it would be instead of have the sam

  • Reply address Updated:11-30

    When I reply to a message, the address field of the person to whom I am replying is blank. It is not filled in automatically. How do I fix this. The help function assumes it will be filled in. Alex NortonYes, it should be filled automatically. I don'

  • Hitting reply puts reply address in 3 times Updated:11-30

    We have a client that whenever we reply to his messages it puts his email address in the address filed 3 times. For example, when we hit reply, the reply message is being sent to "[email protected], [email protected],". I checke

  • Azure ADD / iOS Error while signing in - Reply address does not match configured reply address? Updated:11-30

    I have examined the code over and over and tried multiple credentials but they all result in this error.   Also, while we are on the subject, is there a way to gracefully fail and reattempt the authentication using the method outlined in the tutorial

  • Apple Mail problem with reply address Updated:11-30

    I have multiple Mail accounts handled by Apple Mail and I have a problem at the moment where I send an email from one account but it arrives at the other end looking as if it was sent from one of my other accounts. It doesn't help even if I specifica

  • Mail reply address not recognized by server Updated:11-30

    On Apple Mail using Road Runner server my replies don't get sent because "the server does not accept my address" as the sender. I can't send new messages either. Incoming mail to the same address works fine. My address is unchanged from when it