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6how to reset ipod pass code

  • I forgot my iPod pass code how do I change it using my iPad Updated:10-11

    I forgot my iPod pass code how do I change it without my PC since it brokeIf you don't have access to a computer If you are using Find My iPhone, you can use Remote Wipe to restore your device. If you have been using iCloud to back up, you may be abl

  • Forgot my lock pass code. how do i reset my pass code Updated:11-30

    forgot my pass code. how do i reset my pass code?I have a use ipod it worked when i bough  it. but did not sysnic it to my computer and starting downloading with my wirelss and put a password in it,  it work fine until my son changed my password and

  • I forgot my password in the restrictions settings. I have 8 failed attempts now. How can I reset the pass code? Updated:11-30

    I forgot my password in the restrictions settings. I have 8 failed attempts now. How can I reset the pass code?YOU CAN ALSO FORCE IPAD INTO RECOVERY MODE 1. Turn off iPad 2. Turn on computer and launch iTunes (make sure you have the latest version of

  • How can I reset my Pass Code? Updated:11-30

    My Ipod touch is Disabled because I have entered the Pass cod wrong too many times. I do not remember the code.Forgot an iPhone Passcode? How to reset the iPhone passcode iPhone and iPod touch- Wrong passcode results in red disabled screen IPod Touch

  • HT201406 How to reset the pass code Updated:11-30

    My son set a pass code and forgot what it is. How can I recover the I pad, and restart it?iOS: Device disabled after entering wrong passcode How can I unlock my iPad if I forgot the passcode?

  • How do i reset restrictions pass code if i forgot it? Updated:11-30

    i forgot the pass code for my restrictions on my ipod touchForgotten RESTRICTIONS Passcode - Restore from a backup that was make before you added the Restrictions passcode. If you restore from a backup made with the Restrictions passcode the Restrict

  • IPad iOS 5.1 keeps resetting to pass code screen Updated:11-30

    Hi, I updated my iPad to ios5.1 successfully, so I thought.  Since updating the iPad it intermittently resets itself to the pass code screen, it can be in the middle of something or when trying to open an app.  The screen will go black with the round

  • Forgot ipod pass code Updated:11-30

    i can't get into my ipod because i forgot the password for the lock screen, i tried all the other suggestions but in the end it still asked me for the pass code...... PLEASE HELP!!!!Locked Out, Forgot Lock or Restrictions Passcode, or Need to Restore

  • Forgot my ipod pass code!!! please help me!!! save me!!! Updated:11-30

    please help me.. i forgot my iPod touch 4g pass code.. but i dont want it restored. please say me some other way to recover it please!!!If you canot remember the passcode, there is no other way other than a restore to be able to use your ipod again.R

  • HT201304 How to reset forgotten pass code in restrictions? Updated:11-30

    Restrictions is turned on but I can't get into it because I don't remember pass code? Have no idea what is or is not restricted.The only way to remove a restrictions passcode is to save as much of your data as possible (import your photos and videos

  • Forgot iPod pass code to reset setting Updated:11-30

    I have forgot the password to reset my iPod to factory settings Is there a way to change it or get it reset without the old codePlace the iOS device in Recovery Mode and then connect to your computer and restore via iTunes. The iPod will be erased. i

  • I just reset my pass code on my ipod Touch and now it won't let me in.  How do I fix this? Updated:11-30

    I just reset my passcode on my Ipod Touch, turned it on and it locked me out.  Is there a way to get this reset?Place the iPod in recovery mode and then restore the iPod via iTunes on your computer. For recovery mode: iPhone and iPod touch: Unable to

  • IPod Pass-Code Updated:11-30

    My little brother received an ipod from my Grandad who passed away this time last year, unfortunately, he set a password on his ipod which he never told us about, My mum was playing with the ipod and managed to lock it, now we do not know how to unlo

  • HT201210 how do  reset my pass-code to get into my phone Updated:11-30

    How do i get a new pass codeConnect the iPod to the computer and restore via iTunes. If necessary, place the iPod in Recovery Mode to allow the restore. For how to restore: iTunes: Backing up, updating, and restoring iOS softwareRead other 6 answers

  • I've completely forgotten my iPod pass code. Is there a way of getting into my iPod again without loosing photos ? Updated:10-11

    Please helpNot if you can't make a backup Forgotten Screen-Lock Passcode Connect the iOS device to your computer and try to make a backup iOS: How to back up Then restore via iTunes. The iOS device will be erased. Place the iOS device in Recovery Mod

  • I forgot my ipod pass code and it told me to contact itunes Updated:11-30

    my ipod is dsabled and  on the screen contact itunes what do i do????You need to connect in recovery mode by following the steps in and you may need to do so more than once for it to be a success.Read other 2 answer

  • I turned my 5s phone off and when I turned it back on it seems to have lost my pass code and won't unlock . How do you reset the pass code Updated:11-30

    I have a 5S it lost my passcode when I turned it off for about 10 minutes.Phone is now locked How do I reset the passcode?Hello Lynncooper, It sounds like your passcode is not working for some reason to unlock your phone. This article should help you

  • Is there a way to log on to an iPad without knowing the pass code? My grandson changed his and forgot it. We would like to do this without factory reset. Thanks. Updated:11-30

    My grandson reset the pass code on his iPad and then forgot it. He is locked out. Is there something we can do short of a factory reset? Thanks for your help.Unfortunately, unless he can remember the passo de, you will have to restore the device usin

  • HT4113 how do i get my pass code back if i forgot it? Updated:11-30

    i changed my ipod pass code and i forgot it. can i get it to somehow send it to my email.It is easy to do but the discussion of how to recover your password is not allowed here. I suggest that you find a forum which is more helpful. They are out ther

  • Pass code screw up! Updated:11-30

    In the middle of reseting my pass code I stopped and hit cancel. Now its not letting me in with either the old code or the new one. is there anyway to get around this? or do i have to restore from the computer it was synced with? Thanks Robmankymoo w