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  • How do I use Sun Web Server 7.0u1 reverse proxy to change public URLs? Updated:10-11

    Some of our installations use the Sun Web Server 7.0 (update 1, usually) for hosting some of the public resource and reverse-proxying other parts of the URI namespace from other backend servers (content, application and other types of servers). So fa

  • I have dloaded and reloaded firefox 7 b4 i had firefox 5 now after system restore and proxy setting changes an d default settings fire fox still will not open what am i doin wrong Updated:10-11

    ater upgrading to firefox 7 from version 5 i cant open this web browser it worked b4 but after upgrade it will not open. i did system restore to go back to a time when it did work and i still have this problem.the message says website is too busy or

  • Proxy error while running the financial report in workspace. Updated:10-11

    Hi, We are using the Hyperion financial reporting 9.3.1 with Essbase as a data source. While running a report in workspace, we are getting the 'Proxy error' meassage, which is following- "<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN"

  • Error while activating proxy Updated:10-11

    i am trying to create a Enterprise Service.the steps that i am following are: In se80 i am right clicking and then creating a enterprise service. I am selecting the option as service consumer and then proceeding with the steps. the wsdl that i am usi

  • Error while activating ABAP proxy object Updated:10-11

    Hello, I can see all the interfaces of PI7.0 in my ECC6.0 system. I am able to create abap proxy object of a interface. But when I try to activate that I am getting error as "RFC system error for destination GTADIR_SERVER". Pl can you suggest. a

  • Web-Service Proxy and Web-Service Client access in a Bean (EJB 3.0) Updated:10-11

    Hello Community, i want to access the SAP Knowledge-Management via the Webservice "RepositoryFrameworkWS", which resides on our Portal-System, from my Java-Application, which runs on a NW CE 7.11 Ehp1 Java Server. I choosed to create a WS-Client

  • Error while creating a web proxy service using wsdl Updated:10-11

    Hi folks, In my use case I should create a web service proxy using the wsdl. While I am creating the web service proxy I am getting some error like the binding method does not have the SOAP extension. I am giving the error below for more clarity Caus

  • Error while creating a deployable proxy for a URL in NWDS Updated:10-11

    Hi , There is a requirement for calling a webservice in the .NET platform from JAVA using NWDS. The webservice of the server is pinged using the URL of the webservice. when the URL is passed in the WS navigator of CRD ( that is Development Server) , 

  • Small Office Network Solution for Final Cut Server - Proxy Storage Etc. Updated:10-11

    Hi, I haven't been able to find any answers for this question by googling, So I would love if anyone here had some advice. I have the 10 License version of Final Cut Studio with 5 clients at the moment. I would like to set-up our office in the most e

  • Error in creation of client proxy. Updated:10-11

    Hello all, I try to consume a webservice in SAP ABAP. When i create the service consumer proxy it is giving an error message llike "Incorrect value: Unknown QName http://wholesale...........................sendeWholesaleMeldungRequest" Have anyo

  • Problem in creation of Proxy Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am trying to create proxy from SE80 transaction through a WSDL file... It is taking lot of time....I tried for nearly 45 mins but still it has not finished... The status says that 'Read/Analyze WSDL file'... Can anybody tell me....what migh

  • Need Help On creation of Proxy in webservices !! Updated:10-11

    Hi all , Can one any one help me  in finding what is  creation of standalone/deployable Proxy in webservices. Is there any material where can i get to know in detail about this. Please help meHi This is a good sample that shows how to create a useful

  • Cisco phone proxy will support on cucm 8.6 or not Updated:10-11

    Hi as per document i can see that Cisco phone proxy . Without using vpn connect . Customer want to keep configured Cucm on there Jabber or cisco mobile on the iphone and need to get connected when ever they have an internet access . And also by keepi

  • ** Logical Port in Client Proxy Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I am doing proxy to web service scenario. My proxy is client proxy. After I created proxy, I checked that.  There is no standard method 'EXECUTE_ASYNCHRONUS'.   I read the Michal's blog /people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2009/06/20/pixi-abap-p

  • Proxy business services in osb Updated:10-11

    In osb if i want to get data from a client then what is the procedure I am using a business service whose endpointuri is a proxy service (protocol http) And this business service is inturn called by my local proxy service Is this procedure correct ?

  • Ajuda com adaptador PROXY Updated:10-11

    Henrique/Fernando/ Amigos Estou com uma interface PROXY -> File FTP ( Content Conversion ) meio que atipica pelo tamanho que uma mensagem enviada do ERP p/ o PI pode atingir ( cerca de 350 MB ). O PROXY chega a gerar a mensagem porem nao consegue env

  • Creative Cloud Package Installation Issues - School network behind a proxy Updated:10-11

    Greetings All, I have created a package using creative cloud manager.  I am now testing it before deployment by running the setup.exe (or the msi using msi exec) but it keeps stopping part of the way through.  I have tried everything I can think of a

  • Creative Cloud and Proxy Support Updated:10-11

    To whom it may concern, I am a Technical Specialist for an Enterprise. We use Astaro (now Sophos) as a our proxy appliance. We use Active Directory based authentication to provide internet access to our clients. I am currently in the process of build

  • Lync Reverse Proxy Alternatives Updated:10-11

    When migrating from OCS 2007 to Lync 2010, we balked Microsoft’s recommendation to deploy Forefront Threat Management Gateway (or ISA) just to get the reverse proxy services.  TMG is way too expensive and complex for such a limited, simple use case.

  • Mac Adobe Flash Player not supporting Web Proxy Authentication Updated:10-11

    Anyone else got an enterprise network where you use web proxies with web authentication and no traffic allowed out except through the proxies? You may need to be in the UK for this, but try accessing BBC iPlayer content -