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  • MacPro won't boot-up...I think it's hardware related Updated:10-11

    Sorry, this is detailed, but I figured I had to explain everything I've done so far and the issues I've had. Thanks much! My MacPro won't boot up. Initially I thought it was a software problem, and went through this thread looking for help. After a w

  • I got a replacement battery, reset the SMC, and my computer will still turn off unexpectedly. Updated:10-11

    Early 2011 15" Macbook Pro, 2ghz iz, C0*****F8V. My original battery wore down to the point where it would not be recognized as available and the computer couldn't power on without shutting down in a few minutes. I ordered a replacement battery, cert

  • Error Codes after Apple Hardware Test... Updated:10-11

    After someone here told me I've been experiencing kernel panics, I did some digging on the x lab site and re-ran the Apple hardware test in loop mode. after 17 runs, it returned the error: 4MOT/2/40000005:Right Side I can't seem to find a list of err