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  • How can I fix my Safary navigator (and other aplications) when I'm receiving the arab text code? Updated:10-11

    Well, I'm receving constantely the arab text code by mail or on Twitter app (by IOS)  and all aplications crashes. Sometimes I'm surfing and the god dammit code is in the homepage source and crash the aplications. The same thing at IOS. I'm without i

  • Text code interpreted as scientific notation Updated:11-30

    I have an http service returning xml to populate a data grid. The grid columns are tied to element attributes. One of these columns is a simple text code, like a product code. When this product code "looks like" scientific notation (e.g. "3

  • MICROSOFT- Internationally UN-accepted...text code for a US number but no longer in the US?? Updated:11-30

    My account was never hacked, I chose to "recover" it because I needed to recover my password and the only option I was given was a text-code. Instead, now I have ZERO access to my email, and because I'm currently studying and working abroad in G

  • Text charges for activity from to 49988 short code program Updated:11-30

    I rec'd a bill from Bell for 3 events to 49988.  I phoned Bell and they agreed to refund the money, but they said it was an Apple charge to set up facetime.  I was told by Bell Canada to phone apple and complain.    I learned from apple that all carr

  • Mail attachments showing up as garbled inline text (code) Updated:10-11

    Running 10.5.6 with Mail 3.5 Receiving attachments to emails is inconsistent. Sometimes a Word document is received with an email just fine. Other times it will be attached by the sender (in the usual manner) but will show up in my email as inline te

  • Dreamweaver cs5.5 opening files after searching for text code Updated:11-30

    This just occured this afternoon.  I was working on a page and when I went to search for text in the code (ie "/head") dreamweaver would open a previously opened page.  In other words I was working on "walk.php" and when I did the sear

  • Text/Code when start and shut down MacBook Air 11.6 Updated:11-30

    I just got a MacBook Air 11.6'' from the Apple store and whenever I start or shutdown, I get code/text appear on the screen for a while. I tried formatting and reinstalling OSx, but it's still there... it reads

  • My Content/text/code is being deleted when selected in Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator Updated:11-30

    FOr the past week when I select text in photoshop and illustrator, or code in dreamweaver, it is deleted.  I've updated all apps and uninstalled and reinstalled dreamweaver but nothing seems to work.  Is this an app issue or a mac issue?  Its only ha

  • Activating or Switching Device Text Code Updated:11-30

    My Iphone 5c is having some issues and will not turn on. I have an appointment at the Apple store in a couple of days. In the mean-time, I was going to switch back to my old Iphone 4. I went online to do this and got to the part on the Verizon websit

  • TS1702 Just bought Dramatic black and white HD , The down load is just a text code. Updated:10-11

    I just paid for a ap Dramatic Black and white, HD it sayd down loaded, and I fount the thing with cnet down loader, Fist how do you get rid of that, Secon, The program did not open all i get was a text file. How to down load the program properly to m

  • Unable to set correct default text code Updated:11-30

    To enable accented characters to display properly I need to use Western Latin 1 as the default. When I set this manually in "view" it works but although it is set as the default preference, it always reverts to something else when I open Safari.

  • Reading text from server socket stream Updated:10-11

    I have a basic cd input program i've been trying to figure out the following problem for a while now, the user enters the artist and title etc and then a DOM (XML) file is created in memory this is then sent to the server. The server then echos back

  • T.code ME55 Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts , I want to know where exactly the ALV GRID DISPLAY Function Module has been called in the program of T.code ME55(RM06BF00) , Actually my requirement is to add one more field (available stock of the material ) in the ALV Output of the

  • Itunes application will not open giving error code (-50) after update Updated:10-11

    I'm having a bit of a problem with itunes. I'm running windows 7 64-bit and I hope someone could help me. When I finished making some purchases from itunes store over the weekend, I was told that there was an update for itunes. So I updated itunes an

  • SRM Fixed Text Mapped to ERP Purchase Order for Extended Classic Updated:10-11

    We are switching from Classic to Extended Classic. We currently have "Contract Riders" which are fixed text that the users can select and the header level on the ERP purchase order.  We need to add this functionality to the SRM purchase order. 

  • SQL server Query to sort the Stored procedure as text Updated:10-11

    Hi I have a requirement as below : Stored procedure in SQL server has some 1000 lines of code where the SP uses select, insert , update ,delete and Joins on direct tables and as well as temp tables , the requirement is to get all text code from sp wh

  • How to run a .bat code? Updated:10-11

    how to run a .bat code? I have a code ,batch (.bat) in richtextbox1, and want , to text(code .bat) in richtextbox1 it was launched in the console cmd without the use of saving a file with this code and run itIn your code, right-click on the word "Des

  • How to stop IE from displaying alt text as tool tip when mouse over image. Updated:10-11

    I have random images being [B]echo[/B] by a PHP script on a page. [CODE]<img src="<?php echo $randomImage; ?>" alt="This is alt text" />[/CODE] The problem is every time you scroll over the image, IE spits out the alt text.

  • Tooltips shows key instead of long text in Marketing Calendar Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have the problem: "The text code Campaign type is configured as tooltip, only the key value is displayed but not the long text of the campaign type". We found the note [OSS 900306 |], but is

  • I used to get photos and pics via ATT/Yahoo email, now they show up in the email as HTML code. What's the fix? Updated:10-11

    A few weeks ago forwarded messages with pics and other messages with attached photos gave long strings of HTML text code instead of the I tried sending them to different viewers and got dialog boxes saying the file can't be read. All of them were fro