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  • Z10 won't boot up due to error "[A:0x00000049]" Updated:10-11

    Please help somebody.. My Z10 seems bricked with flashing red LED. This issue happens on my Z10 (STL100-3) phone. I was trying to load an leaked BB 10.3 OS to take a look as mentioned in crackberry, auto loader name: Z10_10.3.00.0140_STL100-2-3.exe.

  • Blackberry Z10,post security wipe...BBM Not working..Showcasing error Unable to complete Set Up and Temporary Server Error" Updated:10-11

    I would request you to please help fixing the BBM error - Unable to complete Set Up and Temporary Server Error". I am using a BB Z10 with Software version and OS version Already tried resetting device to Factory Settings and S

  • BlackBerry Z10 Error "The file cannot be played due to an unexpected error (10)" Updated:10-11

    Hope someone can help this one, I received a voice note through BlackBerry Messenger, after downloading I tried to play it and the following message popped up, "The file cannot be played due to an unexpected error (10)". I received another file,

  • Error installing Apps on my Z10 from BB World Updated:11-30

    I've just recently started to get an error message on my Z10 when downloading apps that say "Error Installing Application" with a red bar. I thought it may have been the app I was originally trying to download, but I tried others and I continued

  • Z10 Bluetooth error: "Failed to find service" Updated:11-30

    1. I tried to transfer a file from my Z10 to Macbook Air (Mac OS Mavericks). 2. When I select a file and then try to send it through Bluetooth - i get a message: "Failed to find service" 3. I have checked all settings on Macbook and Z10 are ok.

  • Unknown Network Error 3RSH_A Updated:11-30

    Hi All, On 10.2.1 and I have an important web site I use as a service for my clients for cloud-based email management, and going to their SSL site in either the native or Evolution browsers results in the error in the subject line. The site is: https

  • BB Z10 BBM error message Updated:11-30

    Hi iv got this problem with BBM on  Z10 . when i connect to BBM i get the following error " No blackberry data BBM is unable to connect to the server please try again later" MTN is my carrier , even when i try it on WIFI same error , but i have

  • Download Skype to Z10 - Error message appears " Error Installing Applicatio​n " Updated:11-30

    I deleted the Skype app by accident - went to BB World and downloaded the Skype app - it downloaded and commenced installing 75% through the message appeared Error Installing Application The Skype app appear but never initiallised - I deleted it - sh

  • Z10 to Q10 device switch - errors Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I am getting an error message while trying to switch devices from Z10 to Q10 using the feature in the Blackberry Link. After backing up the Z10 and when in the next step to transfer data to the Q10, the error message is that the data transfer

  • Error installing whatsap on z10 Updated:11-30

    unable to install Whatsapp on z10. The OS is 10.2. It's showing error installation message.OK...then next...with a strong carrier network signal (e.g., not merely WiFi), I suggest the following steps, in order, even if they seem redundant to what you

  • Error Reloading BlackBerry Z10 OS using BB Link Updated:11-30

    Hello There, I saw my Blackberry Z10 in the boot screen today morning. I think it might have restarted it after an auto update which I am not sure about. It was in the boot screen nearly fro an hour and it never booted. I tried all possible ways of r

  • Android.process.acore error on blackberry z10 Updated:11-30

    howdy forum members, i use the BB z10 in Nepal and since BB word is not accessible here i sideloaded the android apps but frm thr last week i'm getting this message "Unfortunately, the  has stopped." whenever i use an andro

  • Cannot Repair Z10 due to error: BDSLSV2Req​uestURL Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm trying to restore my red Z10 to its factory settings using BlackBerry Link, on the device's screen there's black screen with wipe icon on the center of the screen. But on the BlackBerry Link it says: "Cannot repair due to error: BDSLSV2Reques

  • Z10 Appworld error Updated:11-30

    Hi im not sure if any one else is experiencing the same problem but the appworld on my Z10 was working fine now since the 04-03-2013 im receiving this error messa "There is an issue with Blackberry world Blackberry world must now close" i downlo

  • Z10 error message unexpected data value Updated:11-30

    I recently upgraded to a Z10. After pairing my phone to my 2012 Chev 2500 I attempted to make my first voice activated hands free call. After going through the command of call (contact name) it starts the call, then it immediately disconnects with th

  • Z10 Cannot repair due to error:(null) Updated:11-30

    Hi, im having the reload problem here.. Z10 cannot repair due to error: (null) Its been hanging there for 7 hours and nothing happens. It shown a green light on the blackberry, that's it. Hope some one can help us here. thanksHi m17x, Does anything a

  • Z10 Sim card error Updated:11-30

    I am getting a Sim Card error these days on my device as Sim card is not getting initialised. I get an error as " The sim card is from an unknown source" The same sim works with other device. The phone was bought in end June 2014. Kindly help.He

  • Error updatimg Z10 OS, stock at 43% Updated:11-30

    Today I tried to update my Z10 OS through the web and I found an available update, while the OS was downloading (update in progress) my internet connection was interrupted and it stopped downloading at 43%. SInce then I have been trying to restart th

  • Z10 camera cant be started error Updated:11-30

    i bought a new blackberry z10 suddenlyi cant use my camera i'm receivingan error camera cant be started i tried removing my battery it only worked for some time and my problem is back now can some one please help me outWelcome to the forums.  It coul

  • Z10 error Updated:11-30

    i am trying to sync my Blackberry Z10 and I have been getting the fallowing messege. Sync was unsuccessful A program error occured at line 74 in .\OLTransUtil.cpp.   Please report this error by sending a log to technical support. I need help Mike LeB