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36 two_step_confirmation_required

  • Soniya here!! need help.... Creation of transfer Order. and confirmation. Updated:10-11

    Hi all , I am in need of a fuction module to create a transfer order ( LT03 ) where i am able to pass / specify the source storage unit / handling unit from which the materials can be taken for  the TO. I also need a function module where i can confi

  • How to use L_TO_CONFIRM to confirm transport order Updated:11-30

    Hello friends, I am using function L_TO_CONFIRM to confirm transport order in my program. But it is not working. I have copied the main fields from table ltak and ltap. However it is still not working. May be some other parameters need to be filled.

  • L_TO_CONFIRM Updated:11-30

    Hi Guyz, what are all the parameters needs to pass to confirm TO into the function module(L_TO_CONFIRM) passing warehouse number and transfer order number ..Iam getting the exception 'NOTHING TO DO' (NO ITEM FOR CONFIRMATION(CHECK YOUR ENTRY)..