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  • Changing the field content of 'wrbtr' in accounting document during Post Goods Issue in VL02N Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts,      I have requirement ,where I need to  change the 'amount in document currency value (wrbtr)' in line item of a accounting document, which is created as part Post Goods issue through VL02N.           I have already check BADI's below a

  • 2LIS_02_SCL not pulling all data in EKET Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, i know datasource 2LIS_02_SCL is pulling R3 table EKET records. in wat situation some records is not being pulled to BW? i got records exist in EKET but cannot find it in BW. Thanks for the advise...if i remember well within the standard

  • Getting error while activatinb update rule 2LIS_02_SCL Updated:10-11

    Hello BW gurus, I have activated and replicated datasources for PP and activated the 0PUR_C01 infocube now I am activating the update rule 2LIS_02_SCL but while activating the update rule iam getting error message "Object UPDR CD2NYEJKIIFCCFA9FW1OQRO

  • How to track the blocked POs in 2LIS_02_SCL extractor Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus,               We have field ROCANCEL in 2LIS_02_SCL extractor which sets to X and R for cancelled and deleted records. On ECC side we either delete the PO (at Item level) or block the PO. For deleted POs the ROCANCEL flag is setting to R an

  • How to calculate the subtotals in alv for curr field(bsik-wrbtr) Updated:10-11

    I want to calculate subtotal for netamt for every new lifnr(vendor ) this is my program REPORT  Z23PRAC1. *& Report  ZRFI_AP_AGING_REPORT TABLES : lfa1,lfb1. CONSTANTS : gc_linedat(1) TYPE c VALUE 'X',             gc_duedate(1) TYPE c VALUE 'X',     

  • Delivery Completed Indicator(ELIKZ:0COMPL_DEL) in 2LIS_02_SCL Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I am using the datasource 2LIS_02_SCL for Purchasing reports and this extractor has the 'Delivery Completed Indicator'[ELIKZ] which is mapped to 0COMPL_DEL in BW. The ODS which in our system has the 0PROCESSKEY as one of the key fields. H

  • Report Output for Currency Field--EKBE-WRBTR Updated:10-11

    Hello ABAP Experts Since the Issue is related with Related Report output. Thought ABAP General Forum would be right place to post. If not Suggest an appropriate forum for the same. I shall post them in Correct Forum. Currently the report display Curr

  • Error message - BSEG-WRBTR enter a numeric value Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am having a problem with loading data using a abap program that calls RFBIBL00 program and the fb01 Transaction. The process is that the user enters the data in a excel sheet, saves as a tab deliminted txt file. The abap program reads the txt f

  • Error while loading data into 0pur_c03 using 2lis_02_scl Updated:10-11

    Hi, While trying to load data into 0pur_c03 by using Data Source 2lis_02_scl from R/3 the error message "The material 100 does not exist or not active" is being displayed. I have loaded master data for 0Material and performed change Run also.Sti

  • Problem while filling the Setup Table for the DS 2LIS_02_SCL. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, When I am trying to fill the Setup table for the DataSource 2LIS_02_SCL and only for one specific Purchase Order, it is showing me a message like u201CDataSource 2LIS_02_ITM contains data still to be transferredu201D I have deleted the Setup

  • Extraction to BW Error Purchasing Data 2LIS_02_SCL&ITM - Key Fig. in blank Updated:10-11

    Hello, we start the Purchasing landscape (Header and Item: 2LIS_02_SCL and 2LIS_02_ITM) some moths ago, and we check that all purchases are correct in BW, after Setup, and after several daily delta loads. To start the landscape, we fill the "Determin

  • 2LIS_02_SCL / Getting both Posting dates of goods receipt & invoice receipt at the same time Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have created a DSO based on the schedule lines standard extractor 2LIS_02_SCL. The keys of this DSO are PO Number, PO Item and Schedule Line number. I have succeed to get some key figures like PO Quantity, GR Quantity and Invoice Receipt Quanti

  • Need to change the lenth of data element WRBTR in Idoc FIDCCP01. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, In my program i am doing a amount calculation and storing it in variable of data type BSIS-WRBTR. The same i am passing to a Idoc segment FIDCCP01 which alos uses the same data type. WRBTR has alenth of (13,2). My calculation are crossing the

  • Start routine to check for BUDAT in 2LIS_02_SCL Updated:10-11

    HI, I'm pulling data from 2lis_02_scl and 2lis_02_acc datasources into an ODS. I want to write a start routine that will check if there is any value for BUDAT field (posting date) in the 2lis_02_scl datasource. I want to get data into the ODS only if

  • Urgent.. issue in MM loading: 2lis_02_scl and 2lis_02_itm Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, I am getting a short dump when i am trying to load the data from datasources: 2lis_02_scl and 2lis_02_itm. It is giving the error message  : "    "MESSAGE_TYPE_X" C    "SAPLRSC2" or "LRSC2U01"    "RSC2_QOU

  • Number of Purchase Order - 2lis_02_scl Updated:10-11

    Hi guys!    I'm working in BI Retail project and we need to do a counter for Purchase Order. Nothing od Business Content is done to manage the number of Purchase Order. I'm thinking in make a counter from InfoSource 2lis_02_scl to InfoCube 0rt_c05 se

  • 2LIS_02_SCL Updated:10-11

    hello in the extractor we need the NETPR – Net Price however i see that there is the variance in the value the what i see in EKPO/EKKO table. The help mentions it is a calculated key figure - I need the net price that is the PO line items to reflect

  • 2LIS_02_SCL Issue Updated:10-11

    Hi XPerts: I am facing following problem with above extractor. I created an ODS object with the following fields as a key. BW: Document Number- 0DOC_NUM BW: Document Line Number - 0DOC_ITEM Schedule line number - 0SCHED_LINE BW: Transaction Key - 0PR

  • 2LIS_02_SCL-BANFN,BNFPO Updated:10-11

    Hi, the 2 fields I mentioned are in ROOSOURCE with selection 'P'.  I changed the selection to 'X' with the code. update roosfield set selection = 'X' where oltpsource = '2LIS_02_SCL' and   field      = 'BNFPO' and   objvers    = 'D'. When I executed,