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2008 Error creating new Maintenance plan

  • Update was terminated error while scheduling maintenance plan Updated:10-11

    HI Friends, I created a maintenance plan.I scheduled the order and i saved. Now when i tried to see the schedule i am getting a message "Update was terminated" the detailed error is Update was terminated System ID....   DEV Client.......   XXX U

  • Management studio error while creating/editing maintenance plan Updated:10-11

    Hi, I had MS SQL 2012 enterprise edition installed and everything was working fine. Later I removed MS SQL 2012 and re-installed. Now when I am trying to create maintenance plan I am getting below error. When I click Yes system allows me to go throug

  • SQL Server Management Studio 2008 R2 not showing Maintenance Plan Updated:10-11

    I do not have the Maintenance Plan listed under the Object Explorer.  I am running SQL Server 2008 R2 (that is listed in Control Panel/Programs). When I tried to run the install to check that the management tool is configured I received the "instance

  • Error when running Maintenance plan Updated:10-11

    Hi, I get this error when I double click on our Maintenance Plan in Management Studio. Any Ideas?Hi duncanwarrender, According to your description, you get errors when double-clicking on the Maintenance Plan. Based on my research, this issue could be

  • Creating maintenance plan "MaintenancePlan" (Error) Updated:10-11

    Hello, I get the error Creating maintenance plan "MaintenancePlan" (Error) when I try to create a maintenance plan. I checked and the Microsoft Web site and other forums said it may be that integration services is not installed so I tried instal

  • Setting Expiration period for Maintenance Plan Backups fails to work in sql server 2008 Updated:10-11

    I have created a Maintenance Plan to do a nightly full backup and set the backup set to expire after 4 days in sql server 2008 R2. Weeks later, old backups are sitting on the hard drive.Please do the needful.I have created a Maintenance Plan to do a

  • While Creating Maintenance Plan ip41- Sales Document tab is deactive Updated:10-11

    Hi, while Creating Maintenance Plan IP41- Sales Document is deactive. Unable to fill the Sales Number. Can anybody tell what is the procedure to active the Sales Document tab,since i have to entry sales number in it. Thanks in advance. Mohithi can yo

  • Creation of Maintenance Plan through IBIP t.code Updated:10-11

    Hi, I want to create the Maintenance Plan in Mass using the IBIP t.code. I am using Record name as IBIPMPLA, and trying to create the Plan but instead of providing Plan description in t he file error is coming for Plan description. If any procedure i

  • No maintenance plan has been confirmed for Order 000004024181; Follow-up ca Updated:10-11

    Hi I try to close a list of preventive order (initiated by maintenance plan) from the transaction IW38 but the system displays the following error message "No maintenance plan has been confirmed for Order 000004024181; Follow-up call exists Message n

  • Maintance jobs with Maintenance plans - troubleshooting Updated:10-11

    Some of our old servers have maintenance jobs created with inbuilt mainteance plans. We find difficulty in troubleshooting these kind of jobs when it fails. Can anyone shed a detailed analysis of how to troubleshoot these jobs which are created with

  • Single Maintenance plan creation for multiple equipemnts with different cyc Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, I had a following scenario to map in PM module. can anybody guide me to map this process? we had no.of equipments under one functional location and will go through preventive maintenance on yearly basis. For this, i will create the sing