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15039 Rejected per authorization profile

  • How to get all authorization objects for a certain authorization profile Updated:10-11

    Hi ABAP experts, I have the following problem: for a certain authorization profile of a role (created with transaction PFCG) I would like to get all contained authorization objects: e.g. for the contained object PLOG I would like to know/read all cor

  • Query related to Authorization profile. Updated:10-11

    Hi Professionals, Please help me out as I'm not a BASIS consultant but PP..... We've created Users profile and assigned them profiles that contain a particular bunch of Transaction codes module wise. Now we want to to create and assign such a Authori

  • How to make changes in Authorization profile? Updated:11-30

    Dear Guru's                 In R/3 4.7 i used to change authorization profile in tcode SU02.where as in ecc 6.0 i dont find any change option it shows "Generated profile can only be displayed"        I want to remove the particular tcode from th

  • ISE - Authorization Profile issue Updated:11-30

    I'm running a trial of ISE and I'm attempting to create the authorization profile with the following settings: Name: Posture_Remediation Access Type: Access_Accept Common Tools: Posture Discovery, Enabled Posture Discovery, ACL ACL-POSTURE-REDIRECT T

  • ISE Authorization Profile Question Updated:11-30

    Hi, We are implementing ISE at a university and using dynamic VLAN allocation to segment the traffic into vlans of a manageable size - we do not want to use geographically based vlans for a number of reasons. However there is one scenario which I am

  • ISE Authorization profile Updated:11-30

    I am trying to create an authorization profile in ISE. My vlan for that profile is 50. When I try to add the Tag ID as 50 it is not allowing me to do so. The message I am getting is : "Tag ID should contain only numerical value and in the range 0-31.

  • BW Issues while generating authorization profiles RSSB_GENERATE_AUTH progm. Updated:11-30

    Hello, We loaded ZTCADS02 hierarchy datastore authorization template with the following data fields mapping and along with the other authorization templates (ZTCADS01, DS03) when I try to generate the authorization profiles using RSSB_GENERATE_AUTHOR

  • Create Display Authorization Profile for SAP Transaction SPRO (IMG). Updated:11-30

    Dear All, In my current implementation project there is an requirement to create display authorization profile for SPRO. I have tried a lot but was not able to do so. Any one is having an experience in creating display profile for SPRO (IMG) ? If any

  • Talent Management (EhP4) - cannot find structural authorization profiles Updated:11-30

    Hi All,<br/><br/> I have looked in 3 different SAP ECC6.0 EhP4 system for the Talent Management structural authorization profiles stated in the IMG documentation and on the website. The profiles are:<br/><br/> TMS_PROF

  • Steps for creating structural authorization profile using trans. OOSP Updated:11-30

    Dears, Could someone please guide to the steps for creating a structural authorization profile using transaction OOSP, to authorize on the HR Payroll Area. Thanks. RedaHi, There are comprehensive guidelines on for creation of structural

  • How to activate authorization profile in ERP 6.0 Updated:11-30

    Hi, Could you give me a hint please. In ERP 6.0 system, I copied a authorization profile from &_SAP_ALL_13, and changed it.(saved successfully) But clicking activation, message "Unable to activate, authorizations missing: ..." is shown in po

  • Roles and their authorization profiles time period Updated:11-30

    Can roles and their authorization profiles be assigned to a user for a limited time period? please reply Thanks Edited by: tracey_hrecc6.0 on Nov 1, 2010 5:24 PMHi, It is possible. Read below links for more details

  • To read an authorization profile. Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am trying to provide authorization in a HR report. An administrative person can execute the report. At this momet, a user can see the information of all employees. Instead, the users should be restricted for a group of employees who’s organizat

  • How to create and allocate authorization profiles? Updated:11-30

    How to create and allocate authorization profiles? please issue step by step and usage of  TC:PFCG.Hi Srinivas, I would like to try to explain how to create an authorization profile. 1. you have to create a user with the Tcode SU01 at first 2. run Tc

  • Authorization profile that provides "all authorizations" for PP and LO Updated:11-30

    Hi: I'm looking for several authorization profiles provided by SAP: (1) Allow a user with "all authorizations" to work with PP module (Production Planning) (2) Allow a user with "all authoirzations" to work with LO module (Logistics) F

  • Authorization profile Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I am new to security. i have got some questions. what is a profile? with profile what system does?what is its necessity can anybody give me the guides for security. Regards, R.SuganyaHallo. To grant the access rights of a authorisation to a u

  • Authorization Profile for attributes into qeries Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I've a big problem in a Bex environment. Some users-id cannot see the kf-type attributes of 0material, but they can see only characteristic-type attributes. In general this happens for all characteristics with kf-type attributes. Instead with

  • Authorization profile name autogenerated Updated:11-30

    Hi experts I'd like to know if there's a way to generate Authorization Profile Name automatically, with an auto-increment based approach. The code that I'd like to be auto-generated inside the system is the "Profile Name" showed below in the pos

  • Authorization profile description Updated:11-30

    hi experts, In tcode su01, we have authorization profile and its description for a user. I have a report in which authorization profile has been displayed. I need the <b>authorization profile description</b> next to it. I found the field PTEXT

  • Authorization profile to call "IL01" Updated:11-30

    Hi Fox, As there is an authorization profile which allows users to access access the transaction "IL01" I wonder if anybody knows which is appropriate authorization. If possible I would like to know how to find it myself in the future. Furthermo