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  • RAM & HDD upgrade on Satellite L30-115 Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a Toshiba L30 - 115, and I want to upgrade from its default to 1GB / 2GB RAM and 160GB / 250GB Hard Disk is that possible and if so can you provide me the item number of the modules and the capacity of each. I also would like to know wheth

  • File downloads not working in Pepper-Flash beta 11.8.800.115 (chrome) Updated:10-11

    Pepper-Flash Beta version 11.8.800.115 was auto-installed in latest Chrome update (29.0.1547.57 m).  This flash version does not display save/open dialog when clicking on a link that opens a file via, "_self").  R

  • System Restore problem on Satellite C660-115 Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone, The Satellite C660-115 my niece has a problem and I would like to make it serviceable for his Christmas. Turning on the computer's voltage giving as final result the message: * Can not find the operating system will ", so I tried Syst

  • Satellite U200-115 - CD Rom error - can't activate the drive from windows Updated:10-11

    Hi everyone, I'm having some problems with my DVD rewriter drive on my Satellite U200-115. It works very intermittently and whenever I power up the machine, the first notice I get is 'cd-rom error' even though there is no disc in the drive. I can't a

  • Re: Satellite C660-115 Very strange Wifi problems! Updated:10-11

    I've been busy solving a wireless problem on a C660-115, still without success. Satellite C660-115 Windows 7 - 64Bits The case: - Laptop is connected to the power supply: Wifi works fine, no problems - Laptop disconnected from power supply: Wifi won'

  • HT1229 How to move a 115 GB Library folder to a new location Updated:10-11

    I have a 115 GB iPhoto library, and every time that I try to copy the library the sistem give my these error: " The Finder can't complete the operation because some data in "iPhoto Library TMF" can't be read or written. (Error code -36)&quo

  • Satellite P50T-A-115 after Win8.1 upgrade does not play sound over HDMI Updated:10-11

    I have a newly acquired Satellite P50T-A-115, upgraded to win 8.1, all drivers and upodates suggested are installed. I get no sound on my home movie system, playing from my laptop, while the video is good. The sound comes from the laptop internal spe

  • IPhone 5s (new) has terrible reception, 5 PICS included. -115 db reading!?! Updated:10-11

    I just got an iPhone 5s. FIRST THING I noticed when I was getting ready to walk out the Verizon store - my iPhone 5s was reading "3 bars of 3G service"  inside the Verzon store. What!? Every other device in the store has bull 5 FULL bars of LTE

  • [linux] causes CPU 100% with firefox Updated:10-11

    The version of FlashPlayer causes 80-100% CPU consumption with latest Firefox on linux. The only solution I found, I get back to the 48... Can you fix it? Can you help me?I have the same problem with in Linux. I have posted a bug-

  • Audio garbled with for Win XP Pro Updated:10-11

    Using Win XP Pro and IE7, Audio is garbled in some Camtasia Studio productions with that still play just fine with installed on a laptop. Steps taken: 1. Have updated Driver, Realtek AC97 Audio, (ALCXWDM.SYS, version 5.10.0000.6270

  • Why Might Data Execution Prevention Be Closing iTunes Updated:10-11

    I don't own any Apple hardware and only use iTunes to listen to songs I purchased in the iTunes store that only work in iTunes. I started noticing problems when I updated to version today. The "iTunes.exe" process remains in the "

  • Switching from delimited to fixed width and had to retype 115 column names Updated:10-11

    Hi we run 2012 enterprise.  I just changed a delimited flat file over to fixed width and had to retype all 115 column names.  Is there a way to preserve at least some of what ssis already knows (eg col names) in the flat file connection when this kin

  • Import (Tbl Load) without LOG - Tbls read-only (error: -115 and -126) Updated:10-11

    Hi everybody, I'm very new to this things, so I'am sorry for mistakes, but I see no other way, then bothering you with what makes me crazy, so I startet in distributing this help scream a little bit more than perhaps needed. But I have a problem with

  • Flash Player - Fullscreen Mode Not Working Updated:10-11

    Hello, I just wanted to report that my brand new Acer Laptop with an Intel X3100 GPU (IGP) can't play content fullscreen when using Adobe Flash Player .... Normal , non- fullscreen videos play great - but on youtube- when i want to go fulls

  • [ANNOUNCE] Flash Player getURL("javascript:..") failure LIVE cross-domain Updated:10-11

    2/21/08 Update: There is a technote covering these two issues. "getURL and navigateToURL issues with Flash Player ActiveX control" As of today we have two open bugs specific to Flash Player Ac

  • 9.0.115 or 9.0.0 ? which should I publish to in a CMS? or do bannermaking with Updated:10-11

    Hi forum I'm kind of wondering here. Most banner-makers are still using AS2 for the reason that "penetration" is not 100% with AS3. But in europe its only 1.5% that divides them. I am aware that one can force the user to upgrade with SWFobject,

  • Mms.cfg not working in Flash Updated:10-11

    We deploy Flash Player with mms.cfg (utf-8) with AutoUpdateDisable=1. Yet after installation if we check the Global Notifications Settings Panel on the No

  • Data Services Not Working in Flash 9.0.115 Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have an existing flex 2 application using dataservices extensively. I upgraded flash on my computer to flash 9.0.115 and dataservices no longer work. I read about the new security feature for the crossdomain.xml, so I checked the log files

  • MovieClip Not Recognizing Properties Set in Constructor FP 11.8.800.115 (Chrome) Updated:10-11

    Hi, In making a subclass from MovieClip in Flash ActionScript 2.0, I set the _alpha and _visible values to 0 and false respectively.  I do this so that I can make sure all instances within the MovieClip render before I animate them with ActionScript.

  • How to fit MPEG-2 file of 115 min movie on DVD? Updated:11-30

    What is the best way to export an MPEG-2 file (115 min video), where the size ranges from 3.5GB to 4.0GB to fit on a 4.7GB DVD?  I changed the Bitrate to bring the file size down but don't want to loose a lot of quality. timr13746007 wrote: , it's to