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  • Difference between 0FI_GL_40 and 0FI_GL_14 Datasources Updated:10-11

    Hi, We need to extract data based on General Ledger Line Items into BI. Currently we have 2 datasources matching to the requirements. Would like to know which would be feasible when we compare the 0FI_GL_40(G/L Accounts: Line Items) and 0FI_GL_14(Gen

  • Simulair report for FBL5N and FBL1N for new general ledger on segment level Updated:10-11

    We are working with segments in new G/L ledger. We want to run a open item report where we can combine customers and vendors by segment. The vendors and customers are linked in the master data. In the "old"  reports FBL5N and FBL1N you can do th

  • Open and close posting periods for at ledger level Updated:10-11

    Hello, We are running on ECC6 with the new ledger. We have activated two ledgers (the leading ledger and a non-leading ledger for group reporting). Our client would like to manage the posting period at ledger level. Example: during the month closing,

  • Migração de saldos para um novo Ledger no new GL. Updated:10-11

    Boa Tarde Pessoal, Estou com o seguinte cenário e gostaria de saber se alguém já passou por essa situação. Estou em um projeto que já tem algumas empresas implementadas com a Versão  ECC6.0 e com o New GL ativado com isso a  tabela FAGLFLEXT está ati

  • Material ledger is not active in valuation area C002 Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I have a Scheduling Agreement for a material 'A' with Vendor 'V' with diff prices with validity dates, I did the GR & when i am posting the invoice thro' miro, system is throwing error as above Material ledger is not active in valuation are

  • Material ledger is not active in valuation area S001 Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I have created a Scheduling Agreement & did the GR. When I am doing invoice posting system is throwing error as Material ledger is not active in valuation area S001 What might be wrong here ? For same material if I create PO then everything

  • Unable to clear sub-ledger items on uploading electronic bank statement Updated:10-11

    Hi All, The client is in Belgium & uses format BE for bank statements. in postprocessing of EBS (FEBA), there are a few items with a posting rule 0002 (for Eg) that need to be posted manually. The posting rule is as below: 0002   1  40   BE INTERIM  

  • AP Payment to Generl Ledger (11i) Updated:10-11

    Dear All, if I know the payment number and the payment has been transfered to general ledger, How can I get the journal batch name and journal name of the payment journal? Could someone comment? Thanks & Best Regards, Jeromeap_checks_all.check_id ->

  • Vendor ageing does not agree with General ledger balance Updated:10-11

    Good day all I have the following problem: I am trying to get a detailed ageing breakdown for our vendor liabilties as on the 30.06.10. The ledger shows a balance of approximately 1.7m but the vendor ageing report shows a balance of apprx. 1.802m whe

  • Purchase Ledger report Updated:10-11

    I want a report on Purchase Ledger & Stock ledger. What are the std reports? Regards VSHi Can you eaplain in detail what is your reqt? Regards SrinivasRead other 4 answers

  • Special Ledger: Open Line items are not being loaded in BW Updated:10-11

    Hi all. We are loading Special Ledger information from R/3 to BW, and for many accounts, the data is not reconciling between the two systems. We have found out that none of the Open Line Items are being transferred. Do you know which could be the cau

  • Vendor Ledger Report Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts I have to code a Vendor Ledger report. Can anyone help me what table i should use. RegardsHi, Try these Bapi.. BAPI_AR_ACC_GETKEYDATEBALANCE BAPI_PROFITCENTER_GETDETAIL BAPI_PROFITCENTER_GETLIST Hope this will help you to solve your prob

  • Exit for to restict Non-leading ledger posting periods for Document Type SA Updated:10-11

    Hi,   Please give the guidelines to complete the following requirment.   In SAP FI two ledgers Leading(0L), Non-Leading (J2) Posting periods are defined in OB52. If non-leading ledger is closed also it will take the Leading posting periods and Postin

  • GL, Customer and Vendor ledger in opening and transaction format. Updated:10-11

    Hi My client requirement is: Any GL account (FBL3N), Vendor ledger (FBL1N) and customer ledger (FBL5N) should be in format: Opening +/- transactions = closing. For example, in FBL1N, when we execute for 1st November to 30th November, then it should s

  • Business One C# DI API's for General Ledger Report? Updated:10-11

    I am working on the General Ledger Report and unable to find the DI API's for C# for the following cases. If somebody can point me the API's, that would be really helpful. I have handle to the logged in company. Get all ChartOfAccounts Get AccountSeg

  • General Ledger - Revaluation/Translation Process Question Updated:10-11

    Application Release Version: MRC: Not turned on for new entities. (See details below) My customer has been using oracle from around 2001 and went through a process at the end of 2008 to setup a new chart of accounts and approx 6 different c

  • General Ledger Accounting (New): Line Items of the Leading Ledger Updated:10-11

    Hello Guys, We are planning to implement General Ledger Accounting (New): Line Items of the Leading Ledger 0FI_GL_14 We are in ECC6 sap_appl 6.00 and BI 7.0 SP 14, BI Content 7.3 level 4.0 The new GL line item is available Financial Accounting: Gener