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0FI_GL_4 VS 0FI_GL_14

  • Need to calculate Balance from GL line items 0FIGL_O02 similar to 0FIGL_O10 Updated:10-11

    Hi We are using 0FI_GL_4 & 0FI_GL_10 datasources. Recently we realised that In FAGLFLEXT table, the cost center value is not always getting populated as a result of which we do not get cost centers in 0FIGL_O10 DSO which has all the GL balances in it

  • New Gl 0Fi_GL_14 and impact on existing _4 AP and AR datasources Updated:10-11

    We will be moving to new GL and I'm investiagting the  0FI_GL_14 Datasource for this purpose.I have couple of questions on this datasource. I couldn't find any related AP and AR datasources for new GL. Does this mean we can continue to use 0FI_AP_4 a

  • 0fi_Gl_4 see data in R/3 side Updated:10-11

    Hi , I want to check the data 0fi_Gl_4 in R/3 side. Because some documents are missing... So need to check it out that is available in 0fi_Gl_4 or notHi Naman, Use the extract checker txn code -RSA3 to check the data on the R/3 side. Hope this helps.

  • Difference between 0FI_GL_40 and 0FI_GL_14 Datasources Updated:10-11

    Hi, We need to extract data based on General Ledger Line Items into BI. Currently we have 2 datasources matching to the requirements. Would like to know which would be feasible when we compare the 0FI_GL_40(G/L Accounts: Line Items) and 0FI_GL_14(Gen

  • Remote cube on Data Source 0FI_GL_4 Updated:10-11

    HI, I have a requirement of  reconciling  the Line Items from R/3 to BW. So i tried to create Remote cube with Direct access, but coudnt due to 0FI_GL_4 data source doesnt support Direct access and reconciliation. I can see that Data Source  0FI_GL_4

  • Performance Issue on 0FI_GL_14 Extraction Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, We have a client scenario whose wants to see the report in a daily basis. Unfortunately, the report consists of those data from a standard extractor named 0FI_GL_14 which involve with really huge SAP tables such as FAGLFLEXA. The current

  • Tested extraction of 0fi_gl_4 Have some questions on issues encountered Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, 1. In extracting data from 0fi_gl_4, I tried to see data in rsa3 on ECC. When I entered the selection CoCo: 0006 and Fiscal Year Period: 009.2006; it still showed all data. I studied the data and noted in the data that CoCo 0006 had only

  • Getting Error while activating data in 0FI_GL_4 DSO level (SIDs) Updated:10-11

    Hi I have succesfully loaded data for the 0FI_GL_4 for two DSOs One is successful but for other DSO, it is failing on activation with the following errors: - *Value '! OTS Harness' (hex. '210020004F005400530020004800610072006E006500730073') of charac

  • How to get accumulated G/L balance from G/L Line items 0fi_gl_4 Updated:10-11

    Hi All, In the cube 0figl_c01 the 0balance generates the accumulated balance that is great. But 0figl_c01 gets data from 0fi_gl_1 but 0fi_gl_1 gets data from GLT0 which does not have the summary balances by BSEG-VBUND (partner company). 0fi_gl_4 gene

  • Enhancing the extract structure for 0FI_GL_4,  0FI_AP_4,  0FI_AR_4 Updated:10-11

    Hi all,       Does anyone know how to enhance the extraction structures with additional fields for datasources 0FI_GL_4 (General ledger: line item), 0FI_AP_4 (vendors: line item) and 0FI_AR_4 (customers: line item).  Thanks, Sabrina.Hi     Here are t

  • 0FI_GL_4 - How to prevent open items from being archived (SARA) Updated:10-11

    Hello, We would like to archive data from our 0FI_GL_4 InfoCube using the SARA transaction. We can only specify a date as the criteria for archiving (e.g. the posting date). However, we may still have open items (that are candidate for archiving base

  • 0FI_GL_14 Doesnt load Document num 970000xx series Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I have an issue regarding to the FI_GL_14 extract. It doesnt load the Asset related douments which get posted via a program outside the standard Asset Module(not in a usual manner). The records appear in the FMGLFLEXA table in SE16, but whe

  • 0fi_gl_4 enhancement Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I tried to enhance GL extractor. But once done, the FI doc number (BKPF -BELNR) is replaced by RBKP- BELNR. Not really able to figure out whats wrong in the code.. I am attaching the code...Can anyone please help..very urgent.. (Coding do

  • 0FI_GL_4 failing due to enhancement for 0FI_AR_4 Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, I have enhanced the 0FI_AR_4 datasource with additional fields.  Create my function module and assigned it to 00005021 in table TPS31.  This works great for the AR extraction.  But now the GL extraction is failing on this function module.  

  • 0FI_AR_4 depencency on 0FI_GL_4 Updated:10-11

    With ECC and BI7.0, does AR (0FI_AR_4) still have a load dependency on 0FI_GL_4?  ThanksI believe GL is supposed to be extracted first in sequence than AR. I dont what plug in you are in - but this sequence is no more necesssary as of PlugIn2002.2. B