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Sprint says Q10 can not access internet/data in Chas/Hunt WV area

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
So I upgraded to a new Q10 and spent a few hours loading and configuing all my emails, etc. 
Driving to work this morning, I noted that there was no emails received after I left my house (wifi-enabled).  Tried to open the Browser and received the error stating there was no connection to the internet.  Wasted most of the workday fiddling with the settings --- no joy.  So on the way home I stop at the Sprint store.  I walk in and showed the guy my phone and said, "I need some help with this."
He immediately said, "No internet or data?"  Dayum.  He went on to say that BB 3G/4G v10 won't work in this area and that BB was aware of the problem.  Something about Sprint sharing towers with Intelos and the phones won't recognize something.  Over my head, but all other smartphones work here...just the BB Q10 won't. 
Really bites --- when I'm on WiFi the thing rocks and is everything I need in a smartphone.  So much better than my daughters iPhone 5...except for this.

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Not sure if the same but
my brother is unable to get Data on his Sprint iphone unless its on LTE and most where he is is not LTE enabled.
It still makes calls and recieves calls but no data.
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