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Speech to text cs6 - NO HELP?

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i'm going round in circles, and there's still no built in help for cs6!?
i get as far as analysis, but the anyalysied text is gibberish (using a clear spoken subject with australian english lang pack). nor do i get the buttons described in the video (ie. transcribe, etc.,) on adobe tv explaining how to use this feature - this feature being one of the main reasons i decided to buy into prempro.
is there a simple clear guide anywhere to using this feature in cs6?
frustrated, and with no hair left to tear out ;-(

The Best Answer

Hi Leslie,
The Help page you're looking for is here: .html#WS29F692D2-7A49-44db-A109-AE016B766767
If you're looking for speech to text to get closer to actual speech, you'll have to attach a script to the clip prior to analysis. Without a script, the feature is not as useful as you've found out.
Help has been on the web since ship, just press F1.
As you know from your other thread, we are still putting together the PDF.
It's almost finished.