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Special Characters in iTunes 7.7

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I recently downloaded the newest version of iTunes 7.7. I have hundreds of files with special characters (accents, umlauts, etc) and iTunes continues to change these characters to nonsense characters every time I play that particular song. For example:
Liebst du um Schönheit ---> Liebst du um Sch^nheit
or the composer
Camille Saint-Saëns ---> Camille Saint-SaÎns
This is VERY irritating because it only affects the files that I've imported onto my computer and NOT the files I downloaded from the iTunes store. You can try to fix the files all you want but each time you play them, it switches the characters. Does anyone know how to fix this? or how to contact Apple to get them to release a new version? (or at least give us access to the old version) It has only started to do this when I downloaded and installed 7.7. Any help would be appreciated.

The Best Answer

My first guess would be that it's simply corrupt font cache files. You can clear them out with Font Finagler.
If that alone doesn't do it, some of the fonts themselves may be damaged. You can replace all, or any number of the fonts OS X came with without having to reinstall the entire OS. The instructions to do so are at the bottom of my article, Font Management in OS X. After replacing any fonts, clear the font cache files again.
Also, two fonts that are known to cause problems are Times Phonetic and Helvetica Fractions. If either are on your system, don't just disable them in your font manager, but locate and delete them.
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