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Hi All,
We need a validation when we create a journal entry in Financials->Journal Entry, where we need a UDF to be selected, but when we create this SP, it validates every single document (marketing, payments, etc) that creates a journal entry.
IF (@object_type = '30' AND @transaction_type = 'A')
--IF (@transaction_type = 'A')
   if  exists (select * from OJDT WHERE TransID= @list_of_cols_val_tab_del and (U_CUB_Reporte='01' OR U_CUB_Reporte IS NULL))
          SET @error = -1
            SET @error_message = 'El Campo Reporte de Ventas debe ser asignado'
What do we need to consider in order to make a SP only works in a journal entry in the financials module?, a journal entry of a manual origin.
Thanks in advance.

The Best Answer

Hi Mariaem.....
Try this........
IF (@object_type = '30' AND @transaction_type = 'A')
--IF (@transaction_type = 'A')
   if  exists (select * from OJDT WHERE TransID= @list_of_cols_val_tab_del and
(U_CUB_Reporte='01' OR U_CUB_Reporte IS NULL) And TransType=30)
          SELECT @error = -1,
            @error_message = 'El Campo Reporte de Ventas debe ser asignado'
Hope this will help you...........
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