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Sorry does not make up for this purchase!

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Since corporate wouldn't give me an email to send this to, I'm posting this here.  
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I'm a customer that wanted to bring to your attention the lack of customer service I've received from the Best Buy store at your Tri-County location, here in Ohio.  On the 14th of November, I walked in the store to buy an open box electric stove that was advertised on your website.  Your website clearly stated that one was in stock at the Tri-County location.  I called the store and spoke to a representative prior to my arrival at the store to confirm that this information was accurate and the rep simply told me yes it was, if it says it one the website then to go off of that.  
So I went to the store to purchase the stove and was unable to find it.  I had several associates help me look for it and nobody could find it and the managers determined that it wasn't in stock.  Since it was a Best Buy mistake, the manager offered to give me the new version of the stove for the same price, which saved me a little money.  As I'm patiently waiting for the final word from one of the managers, I start looking around for other things I may possibly want to buy and I come across an open box french door refrigerator, so I decide to purchase that as well.  Nothing was wrong with it, except for a couple scratches.   Keep in mind that this is nearly a couple weeks before thanksgiving, where I had nearly 30 attendants.  I just bought a dishwasher and microwave from lowes and wanted to have my complete appliance set on display just in time for Thanksgiving.
When the items arrived at my home, a couple days before Thanksgiving, I was relieved that I received them on time.  For the most part, the delivery crew was acceptable, except for the fact that they broke a light switch on the wall as they were trying to move the refrigerator in it's place.  They told me about it and I told them that that was okay and that I was just happy that I received my appliances.  As anyone else would do, I waited for the fridge to get cold before I put the food back in and when it came time to do so, I noticed that the middle flap between both french doors was broke.  It's a bit deceiving because if you just look at it you can't really tell, but after opening and closing it a couple times, you could easily tell that it was broken.  So I called Best Buy that same day and told them of the problem.  I asked them if they had that part at the store, so I could just come in and get the replacement.  Note, that on the appliance defect report this was not listed, so I'm assuming it was damaged during delivery or was overlooked.  I mentioned this to the manager.  He said, that the item had to be special ordered, so as disappointed as I was that my fridge would not be fully operational for thanksgiving, I said it was okay and he told me that he would call me once it came in.  To give you a better idea of what my family is experiencing, we don't use the left door on the fridge.  
2 weeks go by and I still haven't received a call, so I decide to call and check in for an update.  An associate tells me that the item just came in yesterday and that he would call me back in a few minutes to schedule a repair.  I don't receive a call that day, so I call best buy back a few days later.  Again, I speak to the same associate and he tells me that the item never came in and that the manager was just going to give me a new fridge instead. So I call your corporate office and speak with an associate and he says that he will get to the bottom of it and help me set up the delivery.  
Well on the day of the delivery, which was a Saturday, I was told that it would be dropped off sometime between 3 and 5 in the evening, or something in that timeframe.  What do I do?  I empty out my fridge and clear a path for the delivery personnel.  It being a Saturday, I had plans and I haven't received a call from anybody.  So around half past 5, I start putting the items back in the fridge, as well as move the furniture back in place.  Keep in mind, this is no easy task.  I have a 4 bedroom home and a family of 5, so yes, I have a lot of furniture and a fully stocked fridge.  This probably took at least 2 hours to get everything cleared and to put it back in place when I found out they were not showing up.  
I then get a call at 15 till 6 from the delivery crew telling me that they were on there way. Surprised and irate that they are now calling me, I have to refuse the delivery because we we didn't have time to wait around since we already had plans for the night.  I get another call from a Best Buy associate trying to reschedule and I told them that I've had enough of their dealings and that I would let corporate handle it and through corporate I would see that a proper delivery would then be scheduled.
Well this morning I saw on my phone that I have several missed calls, as early as 6 in the morning from Best Buy delivery stating that I am suppose to recieve my fridge in the morning and I was there 2nd stop.  I call the guy and tell him that I was unaware of the delivery and that I would give you guys a call today to schedule the appointment.  I intend to call you after I send this email regarding that.  
So in all, I've probably been on the phone with Best Buy personnel at least 10 times and several hours.  I spoke to several associates, including 3 different managers, 3 different delivery crews, and a rep from your corporate office once.  I think it's safe to say that this has been a total nightmare and saving a couple hundred dollars does not make up for it.  I wanted to reach out to you because as an educated consumer, who also happens to be an elite Best Buy member, I can firmly say that because of this "Nightmare" I will not be buying any more appliances from your store and you would be lucky if I bought anything else from the store.  You do have some pretty good deals on games and movies though, so I may continue to do that.  
Please take this information and utilize it accordingly, obviously, this is not how business should be ran and I know this isn't the first time something like this has happened.  The exact same thing happend to my friend a few years back from a different store.  
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The Best Answer

Hello penningtonj, 
While it's great to hear that you seem to have received new inbox units at open box prices due to your experiences, it certainly sounds like the delivery portion of the experience could have been vastly better for you. 
I'm glad to hear that the oven is working well for you, and I'm truly sorry to hear of the difficulties you've experienced with the open box refrigerator. Our open box items should be thoroughly inspected and marked accordingly for its condition or any missing parts or accessories. It is disheartening to hear that a damaged part may have gone unnoticed. With that said, it's awesome that the store has offered to replace it. 
We strive to ensure our deliveries are seamless and hassle-free. Given you have a sizable family, I know emptying a refrigerator is no easy task, as I grew up in family of a similar size, and should the refrigerator have to be emptied for any reason, it was a bit chaotic! It is regrettable to hear that the delivery team was late, and that they failed to contact you sooner to let you know of their delay. Furthermore, it is strange that you may not have been aware of (and thus completely unprepared for) the rescheduled delivery. I can understand how this would be concerning, and further aggravating.
I sincerely apologize for the continued hassle you've experienced with purchasing these appliances. With that said, it appears that you are currently scheduled for delivery on 1/28/15. You should receive a phone call the night before to provide you with a time frame of when to expect them. If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel welcome to reach out to me! 
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