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[SOLVED]Countdown in OS Selection screen in Grub

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         How do I get timeout(seconds ticking) in the OS Selection page of Grub when booting the comp. instead of the console before even the selection options come.
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No I mean to show Count down on the OS Selection Menu screen. Currently I have say Timeout value of 10, then I see message such as(not on arch box right now so giving from what I remember)
Press esc to go ahead...:9<<count down from 10..0>> On the Screen after BIOS POST Test and grub loaded, but before the OS Choice grub screen. If I press esc then I get the screen where I can select which OS I want to boot into i.e Arch Linux, Fallback, Vista etc. On other OS, I get this Choice screen with the count down at the bottom and if I don't select any OS before the countdown becomes 0 then the default OS gets booted. So I want to see it this way and not count but no os menu and on next page os menu with no countdown.
Hope I have explained the situation.
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