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I am getting syntax error while using the follwing code in a Unicode program.:
type-pools : slis.
constants variable type slis_color value 'C300'.
Error is -      "SLIS_COLOR" and "C" are not mutually convertible in a Unicode program     
type-pools : slis.
constants variable type slis_color value 300.
"SLIS_COLOR" and "I" are not mutually convertible in a Unicode program     
Since CONTANTS statement is used, have to give some value.
Please give me the correct way of writing the statement.
Please help me.

The Best Answer

what do u want to do with that variable row color or column color.
to get Color for perticular column.
While building fieldcatalog, set emphasize with color.
  w_fieldcat-fieldname      = 'BUKRS'.
  w_fieldcat-tabname        = 'ITAB'.
  w_fieldcat-seltext_m      = 'Business Area'.
  w_fieldcat-emphasize     = 'C300'.
  append w_fieldcat to i_fieldcat.
  clear    w_fieldcat.
to get Color for perticular row
Define one variable in ur final itab which is displayed on output.
      BEGIN OF i_data occurs 0,
        color   TYPE char3,  " For color
        bukrs  TYPE t001-bukrs,
        value1 TYPE i,
        value2 TYPE i,
        value3 TYPE i,
      END OF i_data.
2. Once you get the data in the i_data table .
   I_DATA-COLOR = 'C200'.
And finally build w_layout type slis_layout_alv.
w_layout-info_fieldname = 'COLOR'.
pass this though REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY or LIST
I hope that it solves  ur problem.
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