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I have a Dynamic page that is a parts list in a MySQL
database that I show on a page using PHP in Dreamweaver.
The page uses a repeat region to list the parts depending on
what nav link is clicked and what I want to do is add a flash
button to the repeated region that when clicked will take you to a
larger view. I have all of this setup and working fine except for
the flash button.
For instance when the page is loaded you may see 10 parts
listed and the button will show up 10 times also, on button next to
each part listed. I am currently using a simple image as a link to
the larger view and it works fine. The link looks like this.
largeview.php?SearchField=<?php echo
$row_Recordset1['Part']; ?>
My problem is that flash doesn't read the php in this code:
"<?php echo $row_Recordset1['Part']; ?>". I need flash read
the php code so it knows what part number to show.
Is there any other code that can be used to have Flash read
the php code?
I hope I explained this properly and any help would be
greatly appreciated!
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Tutorial on the subject:
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I guess I don't understand this very well I can't seem to get
it to work.
I can get the part # to show on the page using:
print "myVar=$x";
but the button link I am trying to use is:
I know this isn't right but the button is just a button using
the option in Dreamweaver to Insert > Media > Flash Button
and the only option is a link.
how should I write the link so that the flash button will
read it?

The Best Answer

I fixed my own problem.... here's for anyone else with a similar situation or for future people searching the forums
just use
setLayout(null); This is not the recommended solution. Try resizing your frame. Does the position of you button remain centered relative to the frame?
You should be using a LayoutManager as was suggested above. You should read the tutorial on [url]How to Use Layout Managers. I would probably use something like:
JPanel south = new JPanel( new FlowLayout( FlowLayout.CENTER ) );
panel.add( button );
contentPane.add( panel, BorderLayout.SOUTH);
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