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Signed JAVA applet still not connecting.

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I have a signed applet that works in my development environment, but as soon as I run it from my website, I get this:
basic: Referencing classloader: [email protected], refcount=1
basic: Added progress listener: [email protected]
basic: Loading applet ...
basic: Initializing applet ...
basic: Starting applet ...
basic: completed perf rollup
network: Connecting socket://XXX.XX.X.XXX:XXXX with proxy=DIRECT
And that's it, it stops. It never loads the UI, or anything.
I believe the signing worked. I accepted the security certificate when it came up. I'm not getting any other errors (Like a security error).
any help would be appreciated.
I realize this isn't a lot of information, but It works fine in the IDE, so I don't think it's the code. I have stack traces in every try/catch, so I should see any exceptions. Also, this is being served by the same server as the web-page. It didn't work before I signed it, so I thought that would fix it.
The only error like this that I find on the forums is an unsigned applet not working after it's moved to the server.
Anyone have any ideas?
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Make sure that the remote socket you are connecting to, i'm assuming probably your home computer? has the port(s) at your (local) router forwarding to your computer,or whichever computer is listening for the connection.
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