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Should I get AE to do animation?

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I have been doing animation to export into powerpoint for patient education- pretty detailed, specific things- joints/ligaments in motion. I want it to look better than it has- I've been using photoshop/imageready, saving as gif. This will not be for web but just a clip the MD can show patients to enlighten them about a condition. Thanks for any insights.

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PowerPoint will become a bad memory once you start developing your animations in After Effects. We now deliver in Flash, using the Flash player, but someone else does the Flash crap for me. I just deliver the animation and motion graphics.
The topic of video format options available as renders from AE is supremely complicated, Mary, and I don't mean to suggest you can't handle it. But you need a solid grounding in video formats before you can start redesigning your production and delivery options.
And your animation techniques will change dramatically. Your illustrations will require alphas and your color space will change. Your design workflow will change as much as your animation concepts.
There are many After Effects users in the medical and engineering fields. I'm not sure how you find them, though.
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