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Short code texts

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hi all
i have started to see charges on my iphone 4 bill for short code text messages . I have not received any messages in my message folder nor have i sent any messages for about a month . The code on bell canada's usuage info shows 49988  i called bell they said i must have replied to a message received or subscribed to something . I have unlimited text messaging . I did a google search on the topic and some people say something else on my phone is sending or getting these hidden messages . How can i figure out what it is . I have just turned  about everything off . I only use the phone at home over wifi . i play 1 game angry birds and listen to my music from itunes .  It is sad I cannot have things turned on on my phone for fear of getting charges i did not make. If anyone knows what i can do please share . i do not want to have to check my usuage on my billing every day just to make sure i am not getting phoney charges .
thanks fran

The Best Answer

    Let's get to the bottom of this SMS issue JHolding! What text messaging application are you using? How many bars of service on your phone? What is your ZIP code? Is this issue with all numbers or only certain short codes?
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