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Sharepoint 2010 - SAP - Connection Authenification

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Hello expert´s,
first i am not sure if this is the right forum, if not, admins, please move this threat to the right one.
We plan to get MS Sharepoint 2010 in our company, so it would be very nice to show SAP data in Sharepoint. If already a prototype page with a running connetction to SAP. So there is SAP data shown in our MS SP page. So far it works, but now we need user specific data. In my first try i used a SAP Webservice (where i deactivated the authenification) so no user an pw was requestet by SAP. Now i need the Username on SAP side and a working auth.check. I searched the internet and asked our sharepoint implenentation parter, but i did not get a solution.
Has anybody an idea how it can work?

The Best Answer

Hi Andrés,
from SharePoint 2010 iFrame Integration with SAP BSP, WebDynpro, and iView
"Basically, the iView web parts arenu2019t included anymore because they never really worked anyway. They are no longer u201Csupportedu201D but you can continue to use them as they are in SharePoint 2010. The iFrame integration moving forward really just allows finer control in the page rendering of SharePoint. You can now seamlessly edit the pages to incorporate any desired external content within an iFrame directly. This was not possible before with MOSS 2007.
Even with SharePoint 2007, the IView webpart was not a necessity to visually embed a SAP Portal IView, a SAP BSP page within a SharePoint page. Valid and even recommended alternative approach is a 'plain iframe' construct. You can apply the PageViewerWebPart for this; present in 2007 and also still in 2010,
Or you can completely build your own web part; for code example see; or Integration of SAP Business Server Pages (SAP BSP) in SharePoint 2007
Regards, William.