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Sharepoint 2010 Remote Development using Visual Studio 2013 Connection Errors

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I have a customer who is using a custom skinned site developed in Sharepoint 2010.
I am trying to debug a webpart that is not loading on a page.
My Environment:
Local Laptop running Win 7 64 Enterprise, Visual Studio 2013, and Sharepoint Designer 2010.
I connect to the customers network via VPN and use RDP to access the server. I have Admin rights to the server.
Everything that I have read indicates that Web Part dev has to be done in VS. When I try to connect using server explorer, VS kicks back a 'Server Can not be found' error.
I have tried using the computer name, the app url listed in SP Central Admin, the IP address of the box, and the actual URL of the site. However, VS can not connect to the server.
I have done some homework on connecting VS to a remote machine:
Adding New Servers in Server Explorer
Add Server Dialog Box
SharePoint -how to connect remotely to production server
SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio
Setting Up the Development Environment for SharePoint 2010 on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008
Using SharePoint Designer 2010 to Work with Web Parts
The last connection article is confusing because one of the SO answers indicates that you do not need to have SP2010 installed.
I have been doing lots of reading on SP structure, and it seems to jump all over the place. (Or at least my research does). I have been reading this Ebook:
SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010
My questions are:
Why cant I connect to the Server if I connected through VPN which would inherently make the server a local network computer?
Do I need to have VS installed on the actual server? I read that I can install Sharepoint Foundation locally and this will give me access to the server in VS.
Do I need to have the full version of VS installed in order to use Remote Tools?
For the Web Parts:
Why cant I see the web parts in Sharepoint Designer? I take it they are exclusively designed in VS, which brings me back to the questions above.
In Sharepoint Designer, I can see a custom view that was created from a custom list. I want to add that list to the page where the web part isnt working. When I open up the Edit Interface, and try to find that list, it does not display in the 'Lists and Libraries'

The Best Answer

As per your description, remote deployment is not possible for server side code in sharepoint so if you are using server object model then you won't be able to debug or deploy your solution from visual studio.
VS is not required to installed on UAT/prod server but you need sharepoint along with visual studio in same development machine to develop any custom webpart.
Once you deploy your custom webpart on site then you will be able to see that webpart in webpart gallery and that gallery is also available in designer so it means you can also add your custom webpart from designer to any page.
Correct me if i misunderstood you
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