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Separating business logic from presentation

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I'm not sure if this is even the right forum for my question..but here it goes:
I have a device that is throwing out data into some kind of a storage device/server. Now, I have an application that reads the data from that storage and charts it. Let's say the frequency is 10 points a second.
Some of my questions below may seem strange, because i don't really understand the concepts and technologies involved.
1. What kind of storage device/server could i be looking at. What kind of server...J2EE App Server, web server?
2. How can my application be automatically notified when the server gets new data? How will that new data be passed on to my client app?
3. Let's say I have 10 different instances of the same application running on 10 different machines. Since I wouldn't want each instance to request for new data from the server, i would like the server to broadcast any new data to all the client apps that are attached to it. How can this be done?
4. Let's say I need to process the data in some form before it gets displayed on the charts. How can this processing be done on the server side itself before being presented to the client app? Basically, how can the logic be separated from the presentation?
5. If the chart is really a Swing component, but needs to be displayed in a Win32 environment (perhaps MFC dialog box or frame), how can that be done? Does this scenario change how I would address the above questions?
I really don't even know what technologies to look into to answer the above questions. Any pointers will be appreciated. I just want to start learning about how the above can be accomplished.

The Best Answer

Here goes the answers to your question. (according to my knowledge)
1. Deciding a server is depends on your design of the application. According to point 3, you are better to use JMS with publish and subscribe model. In this case you have to choose a JMS server that supports your needs
2. Again it is depends on your Design, one way is to put a shared memory for data and write a thread that reads from the shared memory or use package or use JMS etc.
3. Create one JMS source and all other will be JMS destinations.
4. You can use EJBs or Java classes based on your requirements and design to process the data.
5. Using AWT or Swing as a presentatin layer is good. But you desperately want to display it using Win 32 objects, then why dont to go for Microsoft technologies??
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