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Search Preview, Open Search Result, Authentication, Security Trimming Users - Domain

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hi all
Good morning. I hope someone can direct me in the right path.
Server Setup 1 - SharePoint 2013 (using as search engine - fileserver)
SharePoint 2013 Foundation - Latest Patches with HTTP
Windows Server 2012
Server Setup 2 - Office Web Apps 2013
Office Web Apps - Latest Patches with HTTP
Windows Server 2012
Issues that I am facing - Search preview
a. I have configure SP2013 as a search for my file server. I get all the searches but I cannot preview them. I have configured the Office Web Apps 2013 and can successfully see the XML file in various TechNet article's. No event errors.  I have ran
various PowerShell commands, to see if SP connects with Office Web Apps and it connects. This is all Internal network and so I have used HTTP.
Issues that I am facing - Open Search Result
b. I have faced this when search a document, I tried to click on OPEN and nothing happens. The document doesn't open and no errors. However, if I send the document to a user, the path opens it directly.
Issues that I am facing - Authentication
c. I would like to provide our users the opportunity to search without entering username and password on a domain computer but required on a non-domain joined computers. Can this be done?
Issues that I am facing - Security Trimming - File Share
d. I have a file share with Access Based Enumeration enabled. Some users are given access and some others no access to view certain folders and files. Will this reflect the searches ?. I have set a READ-ONLY access account to the complete fileShare. Does
the searches appear to those who have access and doesn't appear to those who don't have.
I am willing to learn and so I ask some guidance where I have gone wrong with the setup.
Thanks in advance for all the help.

The Best Answer

Hi Jo,
#1. Per my knowledge, the files in file share cannot be previewed with Office Web Apps in SharePoint search results.
If the documents in the site cannot be previewed, I recommend to use command
New-SPWOPIBinding to re-create the binding without Action parameter and then do a full crawl tosee how it works.
#2.  Please check the URL of the file in your search results and then copy the URL in the browser to see if the document can be opened.
#3. I recommend to extend the web application to the internet zone and do not grant anonymous permission on the search results page in the internet zone. Then when the user wants to do search, then he will need to sign in to access the search results page.
#4. Yes, if the user has no access to the files, then he will not be able to search the documents in SharePoint and the documents will not appear in search results.
Best regards.
Victoria Xia
TechNet Community Support