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SD Invoice in spool

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Hi all,
My SD invoices are sent to spool, but different invoices are being sent to the same spool order.
I want to generate a spool order by invoice.
What can I made to solve this?
Thanks in advance,
R Silva

The Best Answer

if the print program is a sapscript you may include the following steps:
1. identify the number of copies (nr of messages -> NAST-ANZAL)
2. split of the spool in N spooles if several copies (Print: SAP cover page -> NAST-TDOCOVER)
3. clear and restart this check every time that your billing document change (VBELN)
If it is a smartform I would suggest you to check in the ABAP dev forum and relative docs.
Overthere you may find additional information on past posts that may already answer to your question.
Try to launch a search as "multiple AND spool" in the search all forum field, you will be surprised of the number of answers or similar questions already posted.
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