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SAPOSS  Test connection

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Dear All,
in SM59 : RFC  Connection Test  : for SAPOSS throws an
Return Code  -12
Please guide to resolve the issue.

The Best Answer

SAPOSS is configured automatically on the basis of data in OSS1. However, if SAPOSS isn´t working, please make sure that the entries for 'Technical settings' in OSS1 are correct. Refer to Notes 33135 and 30289 for more information on OSS1. To ensure SAPOSS is maintained with 'load distribution' set to 'yes', please follow note 766505. SAPNET_RFC and SAPNET_RTCC are copies of SAPOSS. They get created automatically when the tools SDCC (SAPNET_RFC) and RTCCTOOL (SAPNET_RTCC) connect to OSS the first time. They get created with 'Loadbalancing' switched on. This makes the entry in the field 'Target Host' appear very short - please note that the full string as described below can only be maintained if 'Loadbalancing' is set to 'No'.  Please note that after an update of SAPOSS via TA OSS1 the client may change to 000 - please update this manually to 001. Also, after an update of SAPOSS via TA OSS1 SAPNET_RFC and SAPNET_RTCC do NOT get updated automatically. The easiest way to ensure they are updated correctly is to delete both destinations, and then start a connection to OSS from the tools ( SAPNET_RFC: SDCC -> Maintenance -> Refresh -> Service Overview. SAPNET_RTCC: SE38 -> RTCCTOOL) Often ( but not always - systems with 2 saprouters can be different) the parameters of a working SAPOSS or SAPNET_RFC destination (where Load balancing is set to 'No' ) are set up like this:
Target host: /H/X1/S/sapdp99/H/X2/S/sapdp99/H/oss001 with
X1 = customer saprouter IP address
X2 = IP address of sapservX    sapserv1 ( Internet VPN connection
         sapserv2 (   Internet SNC connection
         sapserv3 (     for customers connected to Germany.
         sapserv4 (    for customers in Americas.
         sapserv5 (    for customers connected to Japan.
         sapserv6 (   for Australia and New Zealand customers.
         sapserv7 (   for Asia customers.
      System number = 01
      Client = 001
      User = OSS_RFC
      Password = CPIC
      Client = 001
      User = ST14_RTCC
      Password gets set automatically when the destination is created. In case of problems with the password please delete SAPNET_RTCC and recreate it.
Hope this should help you.
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