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SAP XI/PI JDBC Receiver communication channel

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Dear Expert,
    We had few DAE running in company, recently I had below problem, need expert to advise how to overcome this problem.
   Try to execute below JDBC statement in our few AE and DAE,
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<ns0:MT_OSPEN_TEST_DATA_JDBC2JDBC_COMMIT_T1 xmlns:ns0="http://testing/pen/test/jdbc2jdbc_commit">
<dbTableName action="UPDATE_INSERT">
<dbTableName action="SQL_DML">
DAE with MSSQL DB, can execute above statement successfully but
DAE wit Oracle DB had below error:
My question is, why DAE with MSSQL DB can execute the above statement without any error and DAE with ORACLE DB cannot execute the above statement correctly ? How to overcome this problem if I need to execute this statement in DAE ORACLE  ?

The Best Answer

For XI,RFC and Idoc when it's pointing to one SAP system you don't need any further comm channels.
For JDBC , if you are pointing to only one database you can use the same channel, if the target/databse changes you need more comm channels.
Your Design is as per the standards.
Sainath Chutke
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