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SAP University Alliance - University Offerening and Teaching Strategy

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My Idea on the Teaching Strategy is as below
I divide it in two phases,
Phase - 1
Before starting anything on SAP,  start with What is an ERP? 
Which are the various departments within an Enterprise and respective Business Functions?
How the Information and the documents flow within these Departments?
Why the need of Integrated Solution and its importance as Management Information Systems or Business Intelligence Systems for Decision Making?
(This can be explained taking the standard routine business transactions. This will develop the fundamental knowledge base within the university students.)
Now start with SAP as an Enterprise Application.
Different Application Areas/Modules, Solution and Business Maps available within SAP.
Different SAP Products that are used for the end to end solution within these Solution or Business Maps.
Phase -2
Start with the user activities taking the business cases from above business scenarios.
Once Students are comfortable in the understanding of basic modules end to end business processes for certain industry, start with the specialized area based on their faculty like for logistics SCM-Procurement, SCM-Mfg or SCM u2013 Order Fulfilment.
This can be then taken to the expertise level based on the time availability or the course duration.
I have taken some of the sessions in the university and I am confident that this helps students to understand the ERP pretty fast.
Now challenge and a Question are
1. With growing requirements to support SAP Applications across the globe, Are current University Alliance offerings meet the Industry Demands?
2. If not? Is SAP providing the flexible model to universities to model the contents as per the Industry Requirements?

The Best Answer

Hi Otto
The blog did not go the way I had initially intended. I was expecting universities to post comments about how SAP Mentors could possibly assist in their programs. I would then try and source the appropriate SAP Mentor or experts who could assist.
We have been very successful at Victoria University in building these relationships and I was trying to assist other universities.
We have organised Tony de Thomasis to teach a subject next semester based on the Netweaver stack. We will be working with the SAP community to develop the case study for the 2011 Australian Dashboard competition. In late October we will be conducting a Supply Chain Simulation game involving teams from universities and industry mentors.
The blog has resulted in SAP experts offering their assistance to work with universities and no universities requesting assistance.
I will continue to look for opprotunities of how to bring industry and universities closer together and hopefully some of the things we achieve will be models for similiar activities to be conducted by other universities.
Paul Hawking
SAP Academic Program Director
Victoria University
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