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Samsung LCD TV... Need a good Digital Antenna?

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I have a 46" Samsung LCD HDTV (Model #LN46C670).  We just purchased an RCA Multi-Directional Amplified Digital Flat Antenna to try and pick up our local channels over the air. I followed the installation instructions to the letter and made sure the settings on the TV were correct but we were still unable to pick up any channels. Anyone else had any luck with digital antennas? What are some of the brands/models you have successfully used with this TV or one like it?  Thanks in advance for your help!

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lonzom10 wrote:
Understood... all thing are releative.    So I guess my first question would be... Is there a way to know for sure whether or not signals are available at my address?  If not, what would be the best internal Antenna to use for testing this?  An then of course there is my original question... What digital antennas have others used with this specific TV and had success?
There is no difference between a digital antenna and an oldschool analog one whatsoever.  It's all marketing BS.  The ONLY change to antenna requirements with the digital transition was that antennas no longer need to cover the old 700 MHz TV band - but the performance gains obtainable for redesigning an antenna to not cover those bands any more is so negligible that no one has done it to my knowledge. - You can put your address in here and determine what size class of antenna you need.  Also, don't bother with RCA antennas, they're crud.  Similarly, nearly all antennas with built-in preamps are crud.  I haven't seen a single one that published noise figure specifications for their preamp, which says they have something to hide.  In most cases they don't even publish specs for the gain of the antenna itself.
Note that the above site can sometimes be inaccurate if you have oddities in your local terrain.  Also, if your antenna is indoors, the construction (materials, etc) of your home are important as is whether the antenna is on the side of the house facing the TV stations. - Read my posts here, quite a lot of information about respected brands and specifications to look for.
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