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Safari on iphone won't render cgi generated png images with query strings

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I've got a cgi app functioning as a web service that generates png images and serves them up as part of another app which marshals them up in HTML.
Here's the image stand alone:
and here's how I marshal it:
<IMG CONTENTTYPE='image/png' SRC=''>
It seems to work on firefox, epiphany and galeon web browsers for linux, and my windows friends say that internet explorer renders them okay as well.
My only apple hardware is my iphone, and safari pretends that there is no content when it renders the HTML page. Safari on the iphone does not render even using a direct link.
The png is generated by perl mapscript, $img = $map->draw;
print "content-type: image/png\n\n";
On the previous version of the iphone firmware, and before i factored the image generation out into a web service, the iphone was able to render the png image successfully.
Is this safari wierdness where it gets cranky that there is
QUERY_STRING info after the .png? ?
If so, are other browsers just being hyper liberal in what they accept and safari is playing by the rules or is this a bug in safari?
thanks in advance,

The Best Answer

it turns out that safari's handling of png is broken, the problem reproduced on both iphone and mac safaris.
in changing the format to gif, it all works okay.
does apple allow mortals to file bugs against safari?