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Run script AFTER boot

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I want to run a non-ending script after boot. And I still want to be able to login. So adding the script to rc.local won't fix my problem since the boot process won't finish so that I can login.
Adding the script to "dillons" cron doesn't seem to work either since you cant specify @boot in it. And setting "* * * * *" will result in 1 minutes wait before the script runs.
Does anyone have any good ideas to solve my problem?

The Best Answer

as mentioned you can background it in rc.local, or you can create a custom /etc/rc.d file which will make it a daemon just like any other.  there are templates or just copy some existing simple one.  i created one for dropbox which is available on the wiki if you'd like to use it as a guide.
/edit.  whoops; took too long to craft that response.  ignore me.
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