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Rough cut planning in SOP for resource levelling

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I am trying rough cut planning in SOP.
I have created rough cut planning profile for a product group by using MC35.
The task list exits for the product group.
In task list , work centre is maintained and the same is given while creating the rough cut profile.
This product group contains some part number.
When I try Views--->capacity situation -> rough cut planning--->show.
System gives error that -
> No resource load found.
<u><b>Diagnosis given by system is as follows,</b></u>
This situation may be caused by one or more of the following:
•     No PP task list (rough-cut planning profile, rate routing, or routing) corresponding to the Customizing selection criteria has been defined for this material/product group at this scheduling level.
•     Resources planning has not been configured appropriately in Customizing.
•     The information structure which you are planning has not been configured appropriately in Customizing.
System Response
No capacity load could be determined.
1. Check that a PP task list exists for this material/product group.
2. Check that a lot size range has been maintained in the PP task list.
3. Have your systems administrator check and, if necessary, change the resources planning settings in Customizing for Sales & Operations Planning (the steps "Scheduling levels" and "Routing selection").
4. Have your systems administrator check that capacity planning has been defined for this information structure in Customizing.
Please let me know how to maintain the resource planning settings for scheduling level and routing selection.
Waiting for your reply.
Ravindra Deokule

The Best Answer

Hi Ravindra,
You can use t.code mc84 to create a product group.
Pl follow the following steps to do SOP with product group.
1. Create a Product group in tcode MC84.
Enter a percentage for material say X & Y to be produced. X 40% & Y 60%. Total qty will be split in the ratio as per the %.
2. Create Production Plan in tcode MC81.
Enter the sales plan qty.
Then goto menu,edit & choose create Prodn Plan synchronus to sales.
3. Create Rough cut Planning Profile in tcode MC35.
4. Enter the Status ,Usage & lot size.
5. Choose resources tab & then choose work center & enter work center name which you consider as a bottle neck & then enter the unit of measure as 'min'.
6. Use MC82,
Choose inactive version and select your version.
then goto menu->views> capacity situation>show
7.Check for over loads & adjust your qty acordingly.once the load becomes 100 % save.
8. Change the inactive version to Active version in tcode MC78.
ie in the version enter the inactive version & in the target version enter'A00'
9.In mc82 choose active version, you can see that the plan is activated now.
10.In the menu choose extras & transfer to demand mgmnt.
11.You can see the requirement in the md62 transaction.
12.Then run mrp.
Also regarding the unit of measure in t.code mc35,
If you select your resource as 'workcenter' & choose min or hour & then you enter 1(eg) in the first field against the work center. This means it takes 1 min or hour to produce 1pc(base quantity) in that particular workcenter(bottleneck workcenter)
Reg: Capacity calculation in mc87,follow the eg as above.Enter 1 min as time & base qty as 1 in mc35. Then check in mc87, you will get the load in %. ie if your work center is permitted to work for 8 hours/day & you pass a production plan of 480, then your load will match for 100%.
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