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RG11B on WIndows 98 HELP!?!

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
trying to get my RG11B router to let me into the internet... it just wont work! i am not connecting wireless, i am only connected with a wire. i can get an IP from the router but it still will not let me out to the web. i am using factory settings, other then the 4 step setup where i choose timezone and internet type, im using DSL so i dont need to put in anything, it should be simple. i set up a D-Link router with the same network and i got to the net without any hassles... HELP ANYOEN PLEASE!!! im going mad!!

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Thanks guys for all your help, youve really given me some great ideas to try. over my eight hours of frustrating troubleshooting i found the problem. My ISP provider is DSL and everything with DSL is programmed right into the phone line and automatically picked up by your computer or router. in the case of the MSI RG11B router, it has no DNS entries, there is no place to enter DNS addresses, so they must manually be put into the computers... pain in the ass if it was a larger network. anyway, i hope you guys can pick out the scarcasm within the first line of this post.
This will definatly be the first place i go to next time i have an MSI problem. i only posted my resolution in case anyone else has the same problem, and this isnt just with WIN98 i upgraded to XP and its the same thing.
  • RG11B on WIndows 98 HELP!?! Update:11-30

    trying to get my RG11B router to let me into the internet... it just wont work! i am not connecting wireless, i am only connected with a wire. i can get an IP from the router but it still will not let me out to the web. i am using factory

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