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Restore QAS how DEV in new server

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Dear experts,
We have an old server installed with enviroments (DES) and (QAS) with schemes DES/SAPSR3 and QAS/SAPSR4 and the DBSID=DES; but in the new server it will be the DBSID=DEV since according to the installation guide they are not possible to be called equal.
We needed to pass these enviroments (DES and QAS) to a new server that already we have ready of the following way: Through homegeneous system Copy.
We required that enviroment QAS scheme QAS/SAPSR4 becomes our new development enviroment that will be called DEV with scheme DEV/SAPSR4, since the data that this in enviroment QAS we needed it like the new development enviroment DEV with the DBSID=DEV and to create a new quality enviroment that will be called QUA with clean scheme QUA/SAPSR3 without data. 
As they are the steps to follow to make this.
Best Regard
Igor Martinez

The Best Answer

it is bit confusing what you are saying here
correct me if i m wrong
you hve two old systems and two new systems
old : DES and QAS
new : DEV and QUV
DEV you did homogenous system copy from QAS
and fresh installation for QUV right??
so now wht you want to do exactly???