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Resetting default settings in ps cc 2014

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I need to reset my photoshop.  It is not functioning very well.  When I follow all the instructions, I don't get a pop up box to reset my settings.  Instead I get a whole window about getting started etc.  Nothing about resetting the program.  Ctl, Alt and shift are the keys I use to start the program to reset it.  Can anyone help?

The Best Answer

Your on windows so you should click on the Photoshop launch shortcut to start Photoshop then immediately press and hold Shift+Ctrl+Alt, Do not do this before clicking launching Photoshop.  If you hold the keys down in time before Photoshop processes your preferences you will get the following  pop-up dialog reply Yes.
If you can not manage the timing you can manually delete your preferences before starting Photoshop using Windows File explorer.  Microsoft  hides user setting by default so before you can rename or delete them. You must change Microsoft hide users setting default.  You can do the from Windows File Explore Tools Folder Options View tab  Turn on show hidden,  I also un-check the first two hide options. It my machine don't hide things one me.
Once done you will be able to navigate to your Photoshop preferences. C:   Users   Your User ID    AppData    Roaming    Adobe    Adobe Photoshop Version        Adobe Photoshop Version Sittings
If you rename the   Adobe Photoshop Version   folder to something like   "Adobe Photoshop Version  old"  when you start Photoshop a wnew "  Adobe Photoshop Version ' folder will be create and populated.