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Replaced iMac G5 hard drive - now nothing works except the fan :(

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I have an iMac G5 ALS with the original 160 gb internal drive. I researched and printed the apple instructions for replacing the hard drive, copied all of my important files onto an external and then sat down to replace the drive. I followed the instructions step by step, doing well except that the temperature cable connector broke. So I did more research and many posts said that it didn't need to be connected to operate. I closed everything back up and hit the power button. All I got was the power light and fan noises, followed by increased fan speed after a minute or less. I could hear the hard drive spin briefly soon after I hit the power button.
Startup from the install disc you all will tell me. Well, I would if the disc drive would inject the disc.
So, now I've spent my whole afternoon trying different scenarios to troubleshoot. I've gotten nowhere. I tried reattaching the temperature cable wire by wire, no luck (of course there are four of them and they are loose, so which goes where I don't really know. I tried keeping them in the same order in which they leave the other connector). Nothing.
Okay, so if I put the original hard drive back in it must work until I get this figured out...nope. Now that I have the original hard drive replaced into the iMac I get the power light and fan noises, no sound, no screen. Same as with the unformatted new drive.
I was careful to connect everything back and I am really surprised in myself that I cannot make it work. The only thing that is truly different is the temperature cable, and I've read enough that says it should still start up.
Please help me if you have any ideas.

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Hi Bicyclerjs-
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Did you try resetting the SMU? Have you tried resetting the NVRAM?