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"Rendering: settings changed" after saving changes from Bridge

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I have LR 2.6 on my Mac.  I import RAW images through LR, let LR build 1:1 previews.  Once the import has finished & previews are built, LR moves from image to image fine.  I then do my basic edits, deletions, and do a batch renumber.
Next I go to Bridge to make my adjustments in the RAW window without opening the files.  I go back to LR, save the changes, allowing the Bridge changes to overwrite the LR development import presets in the xmp files.
It usually takes LR a while to save all the changes, but eventually it does it.  However, here is my issue.  No matter how much time I give LR to render new previews, I don't think it does, at least not until I go to Library mode double click an image to view larger (to fit the window).  When I go from image to image, it takes a few seconds while displaying the message "Rendering: settings changed..."  Now, this is not necessarily right after I save the changes, but it still happens weeks later- whenever I go to view those images.  Does LR not automatically re-render the previews after development changes have been made and saved to LR?
And if not, how would I force LR to do it for that catalog, or for all my images?

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Robert Ripps wrote:
A fair question- one, when I have tried, LR is way slower on my Mac G5 than doing it in Bridge, which is slow itself.  I just launched LR, had an open folder with 303 images in it which I had already rendered previews of, then clicked on Develop module- it took 13 seconds to go to that module & finish "loading".  Yes, a new commuter would solve many problems <g>, but until then....
What you  may need is more RAM. Or do you have other applications working in the background 13 seconds to build a preview!!!!! Using a old Macbook with 1.2 GB RAM an it does it faster than that!LR doesn't require a lot of power from a does need as much RAM as you can stick in a machine and the fastest disks you can use...but if it is taking 13 seconds to build a single preview then it isn't really worth using IMO
Why not make all you RAW adjustments in Lightroom Develop module. The raw processing engine is the same as ACR and you can choose "auto save changes to xmp" in the preferences.
Ah, bingo.  That works, abet slowly (see above).  Okay, I will just have to remember to manually do that once I save changes to LR from xmp data.  I guess I thought LR would be smart enugh to do that itself, but I guess not.  And again, I find it faster to go back & forths, even with an extra step.
LR can be set to automatically write any changes to xmp, it doesn't have to be done manually (set this in preferences) you just have the choice. It won't read changes made in other applications automatically as this would be a very bad would after all over write the LR database. So if you do want to over write the LR database you must activly choose to do so.