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Remote Client copy issues

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I have performed a remoted client copy of ECP300 to ECQ system using
SAP_ALL Profile and the client copied successfully. After the client
copy some users are complainting that not all data moved over or there
are some major differences. I know the client copy finished but the
users are saying the client copy is not a exact copy of ECP.Are there
any functional or abap post configuration that needs to happen after
this remote client copy? From the client copy logs, it seem like all
the tables got copied over. Please advise as this is very critical.
I have attached 2 issues reported by users and the client copy log with
details. I have also attached the data dictionary differences of the 2
system ECP and ECQ using SCC9 --> RFC SYSTEM COMPARISON.
Target Client                220
Source Client (incl. Auth.)  265
   Source Client User Master 265
Copy Type                    Local Copy
Profile                      SAP_ALL
Status                       Successfully Completed
User                         SAP*
Start on                     01/07/2011 / 23:16:01
Last Entry on                01/08/2011 / 03:53:31
Statistics for this Run
- No. of Tables                  56787 of     56787
- Number of Exceptions               1
- Deleted Lines                  11478
- Copied Lines               152345539
/ISDFPS/CS_EXLST     Field Missing Remote     IS-DFS-MM     /ISDFPS/MM_CS     SAP     TRANSP          Exception List: Overwritten Purchase Requisitions     SAPKGED04G
/SAPMP/GT_FDE_T1     Table Missing Remote     IS-MP     /SAPMP/FAST_DATA_ENTRY_GEN_APP     SAP     TRANSP          IMG: Fast Entry in Trading Contract General Settings     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
/SAPMP/GT_FDE_T2     Table Missing Remote     IS-MP     /SAPMP/FAST_DATA_ENTRY_GEN_APP     SAP     TRANSP          Fast Entry in Trading Contract: Transfer from Info Record     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
AD01DLI     Field Missing Remote     PS-REV     AD01     SAP     TRANSP          Dynamic items (DI)     
ADPIC_MIGO_SET     Table Missing Remote     IS-AD-MPN     ADPIC     SAP     TRANSP          Customizing Settings for MIGO     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
ADPIC_MIGO_USR     Table Missing Remote     IS-AD-MPN     ADPIC     SAP     TRANSP          Customizing Settings for MIGO     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
MPDCD     Field Missing Remote     IS-AD-MPD     AD_MPD     SAP     TRANSP          MPD: OBSOLETE - Counter Data for Maintenance Document Items     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
MPDCUST_DATA_FLG     Table Missing Remote     IS-AD-MPD     AD_MPD     SAP     TRANSP          Customising table to store the data container flag     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
MPDCUST_EFFT_DOC     Table Missing Remote     IS-AD-MPD     AD_MPD     SAP     TRANSP          Customising table to store effectivity data for documents     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
MPDCUST_EFFT_TO     Table Missing Remote     IS-AD-MPD     AD_MPD     SAP     TRANSP          Cust. table to store effectivity data from technical objects     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
MPDCYCLE     Table Missing Remote     IS-AD-MPD     AD_MPD     SAP     TRANSP          MPD: Cycle Data for Maintenance Document Items     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
MPDEFFECT     Table Missing Remote     IS-AD-MPD     AD_MPD     SAP     TRANSP          MPD effectivity data     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
MPDITEM     Table Missing Remote     IS-AD-MPD     AD_MPD     SAP     TRANSP          Maintenance Plan Items     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
MPDPSD     Field Missing Remote     IS-AD-MPD     AD_MPD     SAP     TRANSP          MPD: MPD and MP header data     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
ADMPN_RBA_CGRP     Table Missing Remote     IS-AD-MPN     AD_MPN_RBA_DDIC     SAP     TRANSP          Check Groups for APO ATP     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
TMCNV     Convertible -> Local     CA-GTF-TS     BMG     SAP     TRANSP          Data on Material Numbers Conversion     
CRFH     Field Missing Remote     PP-BD-PRT     CF     SAP     TRANSP          CIM production resource/tool master data     
CKIS     Field Missing Remote     CO-PC-PCP     CK     SAP     TRANSP          Items Unit Costing/Itemization Product Costing     
KALM     Field Missing Remote     CO-PC-PCP     CK     SAP     TRANSP          Costing Run: Costing Objects     
KEKO     Field Missing Remote     CO-PC-PCP     CK     SAP     TRANSP          Product Costing - Header Data     
MLCR     Field Missing Remote     CO-PC-ACT     CKML     SAP     TRANSP          Material Ledger Document: Currencies and Values     
VSAFKO_CN     Field Missing Remote     PS-SIM     CNVS     SAP     TRANSP          Version: Order header data for PP orders     
VSAFPO_CN     Field Missing Remote     PS-SIM     CNVS     SAP     TRANSP          Version: Order items in PP orders     
VSAFVC_CN     Field Missing Remote     PS-SIM     CNVS     SAP     TRANSP          Version: Operation in order     
VSAUFK_CN     Field Missing Remote     PS-SIM     CNVS     SAP     TRANSP          Version: Order master data     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
VSFPLT_CN     Field Missing Remote     PS-SIM     CNVS     SAP     TRANSP          Version: Billing schedule: Dates     
VSPLAF_CN     Field Missing Remote     PS-SIM     CNVS     SAP     TRANSP          Version: Planned order     
VSRESB_CN     Field Missing Remote     PS-SIM     CNVS     SAP     TRANSP          Version: Reservation/Dependent requirements     
VSRSADD_CN     Field Missing Remote     PS-SIM     CNVS     SAP     TRANSP          Version: Additional fields for reservation     
VSVBAK_CN     Field Missing Remote     PS-SIM     CNVS     SAP     TRANSP          Version: Sales document: Header data     
VSVBAP_CN     Field Missing Remote     PS-SIM     CNVS     SAP     TRANSP          Version: Sales document: Item data     
RSADD     Field Missing Remote     PS-MAT     CN_MAT     SAP     TRANSP          Additional fields for reservation     
TCNTM05     Field Missing Remote     PS-ST-OPR-NET     CN_NET_OPR     SAP     TRANSP          Assignment Components to Groups     
AFKO     Field Missing Remote     PP-SFC     CO     SAP     TRANSP          Order header data PP orders     
AFPO     Field Missing Remote     PP-SFC     CO     SAP     TRANSP          Order item     
AFVC     Field Missing Remote     PP-SFC     CO     SAP     TRANSP          Operation within an order     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
AFFW     Field Missing Remote     PP-SFC-EXE-CON     CORU     SAP     TRANSP          Goods Movements with Errors from Confirmations     
AFRU     Field Missing Remote     PP-SFC-EXE-CON     CORU     SAP     TRANSP          Order Confirmations     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
AFRV     Field Missing Remote     PP-SFC-EXE-CON     CORU     SAP     TRANSP          Confirmation pool     
PLPO     Field Missing Remote     PP-BD-RTG     CP     SAP     TRANSP          Task list - operation/activity     
STPO     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-BOM     CS     SAP     TRANSP          BOM item     
T414     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-BOM     CS     SAP     TRANSP          Explosion Types     
CJITO_02     Table Missing Remote     IS-A-JIT     DI_JITOUT     SAP     TRANSP          Customizing Table for Definition of Tolerances     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
CJITO_02T     Table Missing Remote     IS-A-JIT     DI_JITOUT     SAP     TRANSP          Text Table to Define the Tolerances     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
JITOCO     Field Missing Remote     IS-A-JIT     DI_JITOUT     SAP     TRANSP          Call Components JIT Outbound     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
S2L_GLOBAL_DATA     Field Missing Remote     IS-A-S2L     DI_S2L     SAP     TRANSP          User-specific Save for Global Settings     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
LFA1     Field Missing Remote     FI     FBASCORE     SAP     TRANSP          Vendor Master (General Section)     
KNKK     Field Missing Remote     FI-AR-AR     FBD     SAP     TRANSP          Customer master credit management: Control area data     
VIMI01     Field Missing Remote     RE     FVVI     SAP     TRANSP          Rental unit - Master data     
VIOB01     Field Missing Remote     RE     FVVI     SAP     TRANSP          Business entities     
VIOB02     Field Missing Remote     RE     FVVI     SAP     TRANSP          Property master data     
VIOB03     Field Missing Remote     RE     FVVI     SAP     TRANSP          Real estate building master     
VIOB27     Field Missing Remote     RE     FVVI     SAP     TRANSP          Relationship between properties and buildings     
VIOB38     Field Missing Remote     RE     FVVI     SAP     TRANSP          Relationship between Real Estate objects and SAP-PS     
PEG_TXPT     Field Missing Remote     IS-AD-GPD     GPD     SAP     TRANSP          Pegging: Record of intransit stock in cross plant transfers     SAPKGES01G
VEKP     Field Missing Remote     LO-HU-BF     HANDLING_UNITS     SAP     TRANSP          Handling Unit - Header Table     
EQUI     Field Missing Remote     PM-EQM-EQ     IEQM     SAP     TRANSP          Equipment master data     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
EQUZ     Field Missing Remote     PM-EQM-EQ     IEQM     SAP     TRANSP          Equipment time segment     
MHIO     Field Missing Remote     PM-PRM-TL     IPRM     SAP     TRANSP          Call Object from Maintenance Order     
MHIS     Field Missing Remote     PM-PRM-TL     IPRM     SAP     TRANSP          Maintenance plan history     
EQBS     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-SN     IQSM     SAP     TRANSP          Serial Number Stock Segment     
OBJK     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-SN     IQSM     SAP     TRANSP          Plant Maintenance Object List     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
SER01     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-SN     IQSM     SAP     TRANSP          Document Header for Serial Numbers for Delivery     
SER02     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-SN     IQSM     SAP     TRANSP          Document Header for Serial Nos for Maint.Contract (SD Order)     
T377X     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-SN     IQSM     SAP     TRANSP          Documents Allowed for Serial Number Management     
CJIT01     Field Missing Remote     IS-A-JIT     ISAUTO_JIT     SAP     TRANSP          JIT: Call Control     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
VLCADDCUST     Table Missing Remote     IS-A-VMS     ISAUTO_VLC     SAP     TRANSP          VELO: Table for VMS additional end customer     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
AFIH     Field Missing Remote     PM-WOC-MO     IWO1     SAP     TRANSP          Maintenance order header     
AUFM     Field Missing Remote     PM-WOC-MO     IWO1     SAP     TRANSP          Goods movements for order     
AUFK     Field Missing Remote     CO-OM-OPA     KAUF     SAP     TRANSP          Order master data     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
CEZP     Field Missing Remote     CO-PC-OBJ-PER     KKPK     SAP     TRANSP          Reporting Points Line Items     
CPZP     Field Missing Remote     CO-PC-OBJ-PER     KKPK     SAP     TRANSP          Reporting Points - Periodic Totals Values     
PABHD     Field Missing Remote     PP-KAB     LAPA     SAP     TRANSP          JIT call header record     
PABIT     Field Missing Remote     PP-KAB     LAPA     SAP     TRANSP          JIT call items     
LTAK     Field Missing Remote     LE-WM     LVS     SAP     TRANSP          WM transfer order header     
ASMD     Field Missing Remote     MM-SRV     MASB     SAP     TRANSP          Service Master: Basic Data     
CHVW     Field Missing Remote     MM-IM     MB     SAP     TRANSP          Table CHVW for Batch Where-Used List     
ISEG     Field Missing Remote     MM-IM     MB     SAP     TRANSP          Physical Inventory Document Items     
MKPF     Field Missing Remote     MM-IM     MB     SAP     TRANSP          Header: Material Document     
MSEG     Field Missing Remote     MM-IM     MB     SAP     TRANSP          Document Segment: Material     
RESB     Field Missing Remote     MM-IM     MB     SAP     TRANSP          Reservation/dependent requirements     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
MCIPMIS     Field Missing Remote     PM-IS-REP     MCI     SAP     TRANSP          PMIS: Master data characteristics for PMIS before image     
MDTB     Field Missing Remote     PP-MRP-BD     MD     SAP     TRANSP          MRP Table     
PLAF     Field Missing Remote     PP-MRP-BD     MD     SAP     TRANSP          Planned order     
PKHD     Field Missing Remote     PP-KAB     MD05     SAP     TRANSP          Control Cycle     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
TPK02     Field Missing Remote     PP-KAB     MD05     SAP     TRANSP          Key for Controlling Control Cycle: External Replenishment     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
T459K     Field Missing Remote     PP-MP-DEM     MDPB     SAP     TRANSP          Control table for customer requirements     
EBAN     Field Missing Remote     MM-PUR     ME     SAP     TRANSP          Purchase Requisition     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
EKBE     Field Missing Remote     MM-PUR     ME     SAP     TRANSP          History per Purchasing Document     
EKBEH     Field Missing Remote     MM-PUR     ME     SAP     TRANSP          Removed PO History Records     
EKEK     Field Missing Remote     MM-PUR     ME     SAP     TRANSP          Header Data for Scheduling Agreement Releases     
EKES     Field Missing Remote     MM-PUR     ME     SAP     TRANSP          Vendor Confirmations     
EKET     Field Missing Remote     MM-PUR     ME     SAP     TRANSP          Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines     
EKKO     Field Missing Remote     MM-PUR     ME     SAP     TRANSP          Purchasing Document Header     
EKPO     Field Missing Remote     MM-PUR     ME     SAP     TRANSP          Purchasing Document Item     
EKRS     Field Missing Remote     MM-PUR     ME     SAP     TRANSP          ERS Procedure: Goods (Merchandise) Movements to be Invoiced     
MARA     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-MM     MG     SAP     TRANSP          General Material Data     
MARC     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-MM     MG     SAP     TRANSP          Plant Data for Material     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
MARM     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-MM     MG     SAP     TRANSP          Units of Measure for Material     
MCH1     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-MM     MG     SAP     TRANSP          Batches (if Batch Management Cross-Plant)     
MCHA     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-MM     MG     SAP     TRANSP          Batches     
MVKE     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-MM     MG     SAP     TRANSP          Sales Data for Material     
T130F     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-MM     MG     SAP     TRANSP          Field attributes     
T134     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-MM     MG     SAP     TRANSP          Material Types     
MVRA     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-MM     MGVERS     SAP     TRANSP          Cross-version fields for MARA     SAPKGES01G
MVRC     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-MM     MGVERS     SAP     TRANSP          Cross-version fields for MARC     SAPKGES01G
MVRM     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-MM     MGVERS     SAP     TRANSP          Units of Measure for Material     SAPKGES01G
MVVE     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-MM     MGVERS     SAP     TRANSP          Sales Data for Material     SAPKGES01G
MILL_T399X     Field Missing Remote     IS-MP-PP     MILL_PP     SAP     TRANSP          Parameters for Partitioning Order - Order Type     SAPK-603DDINECCDIMP
ESLH     Field Missing Remote     MM-SRV     ML     SAP     TRANSP          Service Package Header Data     
ESLL     Field Missing Remote     MM-SRV     ML     SAP     TRANSP          Lines of Service Package     
RSEG     Field Missing Remote     MM-IV     MRM     SAP     TRANSP          Document Item: Incoming Invoice     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
ADRC     Field Missing Remote     BC-SRV-ADR     SZAD     SAP     TRANSP          Addresses (Business Address Services)     
VBAK     Field Missing Remote     SD-SLS     VA     SAP     TRANSP          Sales Document: Header Data     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
VBAP     Field Missing Remote     SD-SLS     VA     SAP     TRANSP          Sales Document: Item Data     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
VBEP     Field Missing Remote     SD-SLS     VA     SAP     TRANSP          Sales Document: Schedule Line Data     
VBKD     Field Missing Remote     SD-SLS     VA     SAP     TRANSP          Sales Document: Business Data     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
CHVW_INC     Field Missing Remote     LO-BM     VB     SAP     TRANSP          Batch Where-Used List- N:M Assignment for Order     
VBRK     Field Missing Remote     SD-BIL     VF     SAP     TRANSP          Billing Document: Header Data     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
VBRP     Field Missing Remote     SD-BIL     VF     SAP     TRANSP          Billing Document: Item Data     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
KONDH     Field Missing Remote     SD-MD-CM     VKON     SAP     TRANSP          Conditions: Batch Strategy - Data Division     
LIKP     Field Missing Remote     LE-SHP     VL     SAP     TRANSP          SD Document: Delivery Header Data     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
LIPS     Field Missing Remote     LE-SHP     VL     SAP     TRANSP          SD document: Delivery: Item data     SAPK-603DDINSAPAPPL
VALW     Field Missing Remote     LE-SHP     VL     SAP     TRANSP          Delivery Plan: Definition of Route Schedule     
KNVV     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-BP-CM     VS     SAP     TRANSP          Customer Master Sales Data     
KNA1     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-BP-CM     VSCORE     SAP     TRANSP          General Data in Customer Master     
FPLA     Field Missing Remote     SD-BF     VZ     SAP     TRANSP          Billing Plan     
FPLT     Field Missing Remote     SD-BF     VZ     SAP     TRANSP          Billing Plan: Dates     
TFPLT     Field Missing Remote     SD-BF     VZ     SAP     TRANSP          Date Type for Billing Plan Type     
VBSK     Field Missing Remote     SD-BF     VZ     SAP     TRANSP          Collective Processing for a Sales Document Header     
VBUK     Field Missing Remote     SD-BF     VZ     SAP     TRANSP          Sales Document: Header Status and Administrative Data     
VBUP     Field Missing Remote     SD-BF     VZ     SAP     TRANSP          Sales Document: Item Status     
WBHI     Field Missing Remote     LO     WB2B_DDIC     SAP     TRANSP          Trading Contract: Item Data     
LFM1     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-BP-VM     WLIF     SAP     TRANSP          Vendor master record purchasing organization data     
LFM2     Field Missing Remote     LO-MD-BP-VM     WLIF     SAP     TRANSP          Vendor Master Record: Purchasing Data     
ZPPWRKMAP     Convertible -> Local     BC     ZDEV     PTANAKI     TRANSP          PP-012: Work Center Mapping     ECDK901192

The Best Answer

What is the volume of data you copied. Also have you followed the best practice of minimal/no activity in the source client.
The dictionary differences seems to be becuase of some SPs not applied in your ECP system yet
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